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Archive for June, 1994

  1. Banana Yoshimoto’s “Lizard”  • 
    "Bananamania" seems to be winding down as a cultural phenomenon, and judging by the vapid contents of Banana Yoshimoto's latest short story collection, "Lizard," that's a good thing.
  2. E.L. Doctorow’s “The Waterworks”  • 
    "The Waterworks," more than an historical fiction in the city which also provided Doctorow the setting for his acclaimed novels "Ragtime" and "Billy Bathgate," is a suspenseful mystery and a sweeping philosophical analysis of humanity's relation to science and religion as well.
  3. Karel Čapek’s “Tales from Two Pockets”  • 
    To call the forty-eight short stories of Karel ńĆapek collected and newly translated in "Tales from Two Pockets" among the greatest the mystery genre has ever produced only begins to tell the tale.
  4. T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “Without a Hero”  • 
    T. Coraghessan Boyle is a good novel writer who's certainly proven that he can work wonders when he sets his mind to it, but his short stories are a completely hit-or-miss affair. "Without a Hero" sits alongside Boyle's other works as an exercise in unkempt imagination desperately in need of discipline.