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  1. Tim O’Brien Interview: The Things He Carried  • 
    Originally published October 19, 1994 in the Baltimore City Paper. Also read the complete interview transcript. Tim O’Brien wants to set the record straight: he is not a Vietnam writer. “It’s like calling Toni Morrison a black writer or Joseph Conrad an ocean writer or Shakespeare a royalty writer,” says O’Brien on the phone in […]
  2. John Irving’s “A Son of the Circus”  • 
    "A Son of the Circus" definitely qualifies as one of John Irving's oddest creations, but for most of the way it's among his most satisfying. Like most Irving novels, it's a sprawling book that swoops around the globe and through multiple generations of history. And it includes a grab bag of typical Irving topics: perverse sexuality, Christianity, unusual families, and untimely death.
  3. Tim O’Brien Full Interview Transcript  • 
    The full transcript of my interview with author Tim O'Brien in October 1994 to promote his novel "In the Lake of the Woods."