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  1. Anne Tyler’s “Ladder of Years”  • 
    Anne Tyler's "Ladder of Years" poses an awful lot of tough questions about women's liberation, and Tyler's lack of straight answers is at once artful and irritating.
  2. Michael Chabon Interview  • 
    A transcript of an interview with Michael Chabon hosted on America Online in July of 1995 and sponsored by Critics' Choice.
  3. Michael Chabon’s “Wonder Boys”  • 
    This book review was originally published on Critics’ Choice on July 10, 1995. Three-time novelist Grady Tripp may have lost his writer’s acumen, but his imagination is certainly intact; because it takes a supreme effort of creativity to end up in the massive pickle that Grady, the protagonist of Michael Chabon’s new novel, Wonder Boys, […]
  4. Madison Smartt Bell’s “All Souls’ Rising”  • 
    Once you've waded far enough in, "All Souls' Rising" pulls you away with the tide and gives you a thorough drubbing for the next 400 pages. Along the way Bell provides a fascinating historical panorama of colonial Haiti, and one that reaffirms the author as one of extraordinary scope and talent.