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  1. Making Choices  • 
    Here’s something I wrote several years ago while facing the most difficult decision of my life. I felt crushed by the burden of choosing between two alternatives that seemed equally horrible at the time. So I sat and scribbled this on a yellow legal pad. It seemed to flow like a Socratic dialogue, building from […]
  2. Bruce Springsteen’s “Meeting Across the River”  • 
    Bruce Springsteen's "Meeting Across the River" is a song about a transformative night in the lives of two characters. Boundaries will be crossed. Dark deeds await.
  3. “Infoquake” Full Website Launched  • 
    It's now six months until the publication of my science fiction novel "Infoquake." As promised, I've revamped the website at www.infoquake.net with lots of new goodies.
  4. Writing Has Killed My Desire to Read  • 
    I can’t tell you whether I prefer Ian McEwan’s recent novel Saturday to his prior effort, Atonement. I can’t comment on whether John Banville’s The Sea deserved the Booker Prize (though I can tell you that his older work The Book of Evidence was certainly Bookerworthy). I don’t know if The Plot Against America continues […]
  5. Progress Bars and Technological Progress  • 
    There’s a dialog box that appears in certain Microsoft products which caught my attention recently. It’s a progress indicator, one of those long horizontal bars that fills up as the computer gets closer to completing a task. The label underneath this particular bar comes straight out of Monty Python: This may take up to 1 […]