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  1. It’s Time for James Bond to Retire  • 
    Yahoo News in its infinite wisdom decided that its top story yesterday was an online petition to fire actor Daniel Craig as James Bond. Let us set aside the editorial nincompoopery that causes Yahoo to deem Hollywood casting as more important than, say, a threatened presidential veto, and skip to the real question: When will […]
  2. Downloadable Excerpts and New Background Article for “Infoquake”  • 
    Downloadable excerpts are available for chapters 1-3 of my upcoming novel "Infoquake." Also available online is a new article on the government in the world of "Infoquake."
  3. Why Is Spelling and Grammer Importunt?  • 
    Why are proper spelling, punctuation and grammar important? Society values a complex system of spelling and grammar because it gives us an easy way to measure a person's education.
  4. Miscellaneous Web Design Sins  • 
    Chances are, if you’ve put together a website, you’ve committed some (or all) of these venal sins. Or your clients have made you commit them. Hyperlinking the words “click here.” People generally don’t read websites in the way they read a book or a magazine; they skim. And when you hyperlink contentless words like click […]