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  1. The Vapid World of CNN  • 
    At one time, CNN was considered a network of substance. People used to trust CNN to deliver important, on-topic news. What happened? The network has succumbed to competitive pressures and resorted to crass sensationalism, celebrity gossip and the time-honored stories about women in trouble and petty criminals. Checking on the CNN.com homepage a few moments […]
  2. Two New Exclusive Background Articles for “Infoquake”  • 
    Two new background articles for the world of "Infoquake" are available online: "On Dartguns and Disruptors," and "On the Transportation System."
  3. Bad Creative Writing Advice  • 
    The Internet is full of bad advice for creative writers. Here’s just a small sampling of the nonsense you can find if you look for it. “Show, don’t tell.” News flash: writing is telling. It’s a completely linguistic art form. There’s no showing involved, unless you’re writing illustrated books like Dr. Seuss or graphic novels […]
  4. Mission Accomplished at the Oscars  • 
    The drubbing that "Brokeback Mountain" has received in the press for not winning the Best Picture Oscar shows that we're involved in a war against gray areas here in America, a war which has only accelerated since 9/11 and the President's Iraqi adventure.
  5. Who Do You Write For?  • 
    If you’re a novelist or short story writer or poet or any other kind of dabbler in the written word, who do you write for? Who is your audience? Keep in mind that your words are not immortal. Your words will eventually be forgotten. There will come a time — maybe in ten years, maybe […]