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  1. The Joy of Strict XHTML  • 
    I've recently discovered something else the Mozilla Firefox browser can do that Microsoft's Internet Explorer can't: Firefox can accept documents using the "application/xhtml+xml" header. This just might change the world.
  2. “Infoquake” Publishers Weekly Review, Podcasts and More  • 
    It's been a big month for my novel "Infoquake." The Publishers Weekly review is out, plus new podcasts, plus advance praise from Kate Elliott and Tobias Buckell.
  3. Why Is Health Care So Fucked Up?  • 
    The American health care system is fucked up. And I’m not talking about health care on the macroeconomic/social policy scale here — right now I’m more concerned with the average Joe/Jane’s trip to the family practitioner or the emergency room. Why do so many doctors still schedule appointments in a black ledger book on the […]
  4. The Cultural Speedometer  • 
    There’s a scene from the John Hughes/Brat Pack classic The Breakfast Club where John Bender (the “troubled rough kid” played by Judd Nelson) gets a lecture from Carl the Janitor (John Kapelos). John has just mocked his fellow classmates by suggesting that they should become purveyors of “the janitorial arts” like Carl. Carl makes a […]
  5. How Did You Get Your Novel Published? (Part 1)  • 
    Ever since I signed my book contract with Pyr in January of 2005, I've been getting the same question from friends and acquaintances: "How did you get your novel published?" (The unspoken corollary to this question is, of course, "How can I get my novel published too?") Here's the basic story of how "Infoquake" found its way into print.