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  1. “Infoquake” Now Shipping  • 
    I’ve gotten word from friends and family that Amazon is already shipping their copies of Infoquake, even though the publication date is not until July 11. Some people have already received their copies. I’m going to write a longer “introduction” to the book over the next week. But in the meantime, check out the Infoquake […]
  2. Stay Out of Our Public Figures’ Personal Lives  • 
    Rush Limbaugh was detained at an airport for carrying a bottle of Viagra with a falsified prescription on it, and the blogosphere is going berserk. I’m irritated as hell that anybody gives a flying fuck. Not because I have a special love or reverence for Rush Limbaugh, but because… Well, here’s what I posted on […]
  3. The Infoquake Has Arrived  • 
    Today is a banner day for the Edelman household. My author copies of Infoquake have arrived. You can see a stack of them below on my dining room table, along with a picture of me holding a copy of the book. (That chair, by the way, is where I do most of my writing and […]
  4. Should Novelists Sell Advertisements?  • 
    Jane Smiley writes in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times about product placements in novels. Apparently a writer sold product placements in his adolescent novel to the Cover Girl line of cosmetics. The result? Lots of publicity, triple the initial print run, and coverage in places like the Los Angeles Times. True story: I tried to convince […]
  5. Science Fiction Writers and the Butterfly Effect  • 
    As a science fiction writer, I’m in the business of making predictions about the far future. This can be a very tricky enterprise. If you’re wrong, you’ll inevitably look foolish and backwards and stuffed full with 21st century prejudices. If you’re right, you’ll be long dead anyway, and you’ll probably still look foolish to your […]
  6. More Infoquake Reviews and Online Content  • 
    The infoquake is coming! The (semi-)official North American release date for Infoquake is July 11, 2006 — yes, that July 11, less than a month away. Pre-orders are available on Amazon.com, Booksense, and Barnes & Noble. More news: Chapter 5 and New Exclusive Article on Orbital Colonies Online Chapter 5 of Infoquake has been posted […]
  7. On the Writing of Sequels  • 
    I’m currently trying to finish my second novel, MultiReal, and I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about sequels. There are really two kinds of sequels. The first kind of sequel is the continuation of a story that didn’t necessarily need continuing in the first place. Think The Empire Strikes Back. Even though […]
  8. My Trip to France (Part 2: The Wrath of Cannes)  • 
    Some more of my (remarkably obvious) observations about the French.
  9. My Trip to France (Part 1)  • 
    I'm in France on vacation. Paris, to be exact. Literally across the street from the Louvre, to be more exact. Here are a few key things I've noticed about France, in no real order.