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  1. Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”  • 
    If Christopher Nolan continues to mine the vein of tortured protagonists with such rich results as he does in "The Prestige," he just might become our foremost cinematic chronicler of obsession. But then again... wasn't everyone saying something very similar about M. Night Shyamalan?
  2. Reverse Engineering the Turing Test  • 
    As part of the research for my next book, MultiReal, I’ve been thinking a lot about mind uploading. Mind uploading is a transhumanist concept wherein you take a human brain and digitize it. We’re not just talking about scanning and mapping here; the goal is to have a fully functioning mind that can exist outside […]
  3. Capclave 2006 Wrapup  • 
    Capclave 2006 might be your kooky uncle who's continually rushing around in a frenzy of activity. He's a blast to hang out with, he's smart as hell, and he can teach you a thing or two about Standing Up to The Man. But when he drops you back home at the end of the day, you can't help thinking to yourself, "How can anyone live like that?"
  4. Five Things Democrats Need to Shut Up About if They Intend to Run the Country Again  • 
    The Democrats will probably wrest control of one or both houses of Congress from the Republicans in a few weeks. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. But it’s a good thing largely because the Republicans have been doing a bad job governing and they deserve the boot — not because the Democrats […]
  5. Random Things Not Worth a Full Blog Post  • 
    Where have I been the past few weeks and why haven’t I been blogging? Take your pick: Freeboating at a fancy-schmancy LexisNexis conference in Boston with my wife Diligently avoiding sharp objects in an attempt to avoid despair at the still-unfinished state of MultiReal, the sequel to Infoquake Falling increasingly behind on a number of […]