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  1. A Change of Hobbit  • 
    Last week, fan site TheOneRing.net posted a letter from film director Peter Jackson stating that he’d been dumped by New Line Cinema. The studio, he claimed, was now seeking another director to film the cinematic adaptation of The Hobbit and an “unnamed prequel” to The Lord of the Rings. To say the LOTR fan community […]
  2. How I Promoted My Book  • 
    (Update 12/1: Read How I Promoted My Book, Part 2.) It’s now been about five months since Pyr published my first novel Infoquake. It seems as good a time as any to sit back and take stock of my promotional efforts. What worked, what didn’t work, what should I have done more of, what should […]
  3. Was Abraham Lincoln Such a Great President?  • 
    Historians routinely rank Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents, even though he took many more gross liberties with the Constitution than George W. Bush. Rush Limbaugh's conclusion: Bush is a great president too. My conclusion: maybe Abraham Lincoln wasn't such a great president either.
  4. PhilCon 2006 Wrapup  • 
    I’ve mentioned before that I’m new to science fiction conventions. ReaderCon 2006 was the first con I ever attended (if you don’t count an experience at Balticon in 1990 that’s better left unexplained). That makes this weekend’s PhilCon 2006 only my fourth con ever. So don’t take my word for it when I say that […]
  5. Whose Books Do You Buy in Hardcover?  • 
    I happened to look at the listing for Infoquake on Amazon the other day and see that there are 57 (update: actually only 19) used copies for sale there, going as low as $7.50 per. People sometimes ask if I “mind” them purchasing used copies of my book at a discount rather than paying the […]
  6. One Year in the Blogosphere  • 
    I’m about to hit a nice little landmark that I think is worth sharing: as of tomorrow, I’ve been blogging for exactly one year. Before I jumped onto the blogwagon, I was really quite skeptical about the entire concept. I had no idea what a trackback was, little clue about Technorati, and unsure why RSS […]
  7. PhilCon Schedule and Praise from Ian McDonald  • 
    My schedule at the upcoming PhilCon convention, and some praise from fellow Pyr author (and Hugo nominee) Ian McDonald about my novel "Infoquake."
  8. Five Things Neither Democrats or Republicans Are Talking About, But Damn It, They Should  • 
    Today’s the day we finally get to discover whether the Democrats’ surge allows them to break the Republican lock on government that’s been a fact of life for most of the Bush presidency. While some are calling this a potential sea change, there are a few commentators out there that are stating the truth: this […]
  9. Five Things Republicans Need to Shut Up About if They Intend to Run the Country Again at Some Point  • 
    It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Republicans are going to lose at least one house of Congress in next week’s mid-term elections. Or at least, it would be a foregone conclusion if they were running against anybody but the Democrats. (See my recent blog entry Five Things Democrats Need to Shut Up About […]
  10. Quake Up Your Book Group  • 
    If your book group wants to read and discuss "Infoquake," just e-mail me and I'll join the discussion by phone. If the members of your book group have purchased five or more copies of "Infoquake," then I'll throw in a signed sixth copy for free to the member of your choice.