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  1. Barry Levinson’s Diner  • 
    Five guys hang around in a diner in Baltimore in 1959. One of them’s about to get married. All of them are restless, unsure which paths they’re going to take through life. They relive old times, smoke too much, and get into mischief as the new year approaches. Doesn’t sound like much of a premise, […]
  2. The DADA Detective  • 
    I found a very nice little review of Infoquake the other day on the LiveJournal of a fellow named David Milloway. David calls Infoquake “a truly compelling and unique future setting that mixes programming, bio-genetics (or bio/logics) and economic theory. It reads kinda like a libertarian capitalist Dune, if you swap out the Spice for […]
  3. How Did You Get Your Novel Published? (Part 2)  • 
    I've gotten a few requests to finish the story of how my first novel "Infoquake" got published, so I'm going to go ahead and finish that tale now.
  4. Why Is Gmail So Irritating?  • 
    Gmail should be a slam-dunk for Google. So why is it so irritating?
  5. A New Look for the Blog  • 
    You may notice that something looks a different on this website today. It’s a new theme for the blog that I’ve been tinkering with for the past couple months. So after much fiddling around in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and WordPress, I’m ready to debut it to the world (though I might decide to revert back to […]
  6. Tips on Promoting Your Author Blog  • 
    Inspired by an e-mail from my friend Matt Jarpe yesterday afternoon, I decided to extend this promotional kick I’ve been on further and discuss author blog promotional tactics. I know there are approximately 2.6 zillion gajillion posts out there on effective blogging, so feel free to transfer that grain of salt you were serving with […]
  7. Why You Bought That Book  • 
    After I posted a blog piece last week asking people Why Did You Buy That Book?, it turned into a nice little mini-meme. In addition to the discussions here and on my MySpace blog, there were also discussions on Jim Hines’ LiveJournal, Alma Alexander’s LiveJournal, John Joseph Adams’ blog and guinwhyte’s LiveJournal. I know that […]
  8. Why Did You Buy That Book?  • 
    I'm going to try a little experiment here. I want to hear from science fiction and fantasy readers and consumers. Pick three recent SF/F titles that you've purchased, and add a comment telling the world how you heard about them, and what inspired you to buy them.
  9. Contemplating My Next Laptop  • 
    As a nice, juicy little carrot to inspire me to finish writing "MultiReal," I've decided that I'm going to finally buy a new laptop once I'm done. So the question is: which one?
  10. How I Promoted My Book, Part 2  • 
    Since so many people seem to be interested in my blog entry on How I Promoted My Book, I thought I’d post a few more random thoughts and suggestions about book promotion here. Keep in mind that there’s no one set way of marketing anything, or we’d all be swilling down New Coke. This is […]