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  1. Global Warming Skepticism  • 
    I've been mulling the idea of writing a piece about my skepticism over global warming, but now it looks like I don't really have to; my friend and fellow Pyr SF novelist Joel Shepherd has written it for me.
  2. The End of Hollywood  • 
    In fact, in case you've missed this decade altogether, it's no secret that the entire Hollywood movie industry is dying. Why? Here are my reasons, and some of my prescriptions for Hollywood finding new relevance.
  3. Windows Vista Frustrations  • 
    I've got a new part-time job, and along with that job came a brand-new Dell PC that came with Windows Vista Ultimate preinstalled. Here are my first impressions about the good and the bad.
  4. Mervyn Peake’s “Gormenghast” and “Titus Alone”  • 
    Mervyn Peake's "Gormenghast" is a suitable companion-piece to "Titus Groan." The two are so alike in tone and theme, that they seem to have been written in a single burst of inspiration. But "Titus Alone" is a completely different animal altogether. It's an amazing novel in its own way, but it stands completely aloof from the first two novels of the series.
  5. A Preview of “MultiReal,” the Sequel to “Infoquake”  • 
    Today I've reached a milestone. I've finished what I'm labeling the fourth draft of "MultiReal," the sequel to "Infoquake." Here are some things you can expect to see when "MultiReal" finally hits the shelves.
  6. “Infoquake”: The Bad Reviews  • 
    I’ve noticed a few other authors posting links to bad reviews of their novels on their websites. By bad reviews, I don’t mean poorly written or incomprehensible reviews — I mean reviews that tear your book a new asshole. I mean reviews that compare your book unfavorably to various types of animal dung. There’s one […]
  7. Windows Vista and Easy Security  • 
    I’ve owned and continuously operated Microsoft PCs since that clunky 8086 behemoth running MS-DOS 3.3 that I took to college with me in 1989. It ran at a sizzling 6 MHz, unless you pressed the big white button labeled “Turbo” on the front, and then — look out! — 12 MHz. (Why you would ever […]