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  1. “Infoquake” Reader Reactions  • 
    Amazon recently took down a 5-star reader review of "Infoquake," and I'm a little disappointed. Also, I received an email from a woman who claims "Infoquake" is a "guy magnet."
  2. Penguicon 5.0 Wrapup  • 
    Here's Penguicon 5.0 in a nutshell, from my perspective: one part serious business, two parts goofy SFnal fun.
  3. The Virginia Tech Killings  • 
    Some quick thoughts on the Virginia Tech massacre: I read Cho Seung-Hui’s play Richard McBeef. Yes, it sucks, but it’s not as sucky as I had been led to believe. It’s also quite disturbing, but honestly, the play in itself isn’t the stinking, fetid hatebomb of a warning sign that the media thinks it is. […]
  4. The Works of Kurt Vonnegut  • 
    Since I'm thinking about the late, great Kurt Vonnegut, I decided to do a short summary of his works here, along with my take on them and my star ranking of each. Keep in mind that it's been many years since I've read some of these books, so my remembrances of a few might be a bit off.
  5. So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, RIP  • 
    The news of Kurt Vonnegut's death today hits me particularly hard. For me, Vonnegut was THE novelist. He was perhaps the first "adult" novelist I read seriously, the first novelist I fell in love with, and undoubtedly the novelist who got me through high school. I'm sure there are millions of people out there who can say the same thing.
  6. Rapid Fire SF Reading in DC Wednesday Night  • 
    Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, April 11, I’ll have the privilege of reading with a bunch of other science fiction folks in the Washington, DC area. It’ll be held at the Tenley Interim Branch of the DC Public Library at 4200 Wisconsin Avenue at 7:30 p.m as part of their National Poetry Month programming. (Note that the […]
  7. The Science of Infoquake  • 
    Norman Spinrad recently wrote a review in Asimov’s of my novel Infoquake wherein he discussed the scientific accuracy of the book. Mr. Spinrad had this to say: [W]hether or not such a novel could be considered “hard science fiction”… might be moot if Edelman himself were just blowing rubber science smoke and mirrors. Instead, he […]
  8. Goodbye, Vickie Lynn  • 
    The whole Anna Nicole Smith saga is so monumentally depressing that it's hard to know where to begin. Why anyone would want to hold Marilyn Monroe's sad, sad life up as an inspiration, I don't know, unless her goal was to make Marilyn look less pathetic in comparison.
  9. Tags vs. Categories  • 
    If you’ve looked at the meta line underneath the headlines on this blog recently, you might have noticed that I’ve started tagging on this blog. I’m using a WordPress plug-in called Jerome’s Keywords, which puts a convenient text box for entering tags on your Compose page and then gives you lots of convenient functions to […]