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  1. Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet, It’s Gay Hunting Season  • 
    Am I really going to have to be the one to say I just don't care that much that Senator Larry Craig (supposedly) solicited gay bathroom sex in a Minneapolis airport? Am I going to have to be the one who says this is getting blown way out of proportion (pun unintended but inevitable)?
  2. Driving Language  • 
    The common hand gestures we use for car-to-car communication say a lot about our culture and linguistics in general.
  3. Shelfari: LibraryThing with a New Coat of Paint?  • 
    LibraryThing seems to have a new competitor. Or, at least, I’ve just become aware of them. I’ve made no secret about the fact that I’m a big fan of LibraryThing. I’ve spent hours and hours tweaking my LibraryThing profile, adding books to my catalog, and just browsing around other people’s shelves. I’ve spoken with Tim […]
  4. A Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion  • 
    Update 11/18/09: Thanks to Mainer 122’s comment below, I’ve just become aware of a blog post by Stanek containing what appears to be the original of the photo below. Looks like it might be authentic after all — or at least a Photoshopped version of an authentic photo of Stanek with Brian Jacques. In which […]
  5. In Defense of Microsoft  • 
    When I wrote my not-so-complimentary piece on OpenOffice the other week, I expected to receive at least a few slams from fans and believers in the open source movement. And I did receive an interesting comment from a fellow who signed his name MnMKY, which I excerpt here: The accomplishments of a worldwide effort, unifying […]
  6. “Infoquake”: It’s Back  • 
    I'm still reeling from this news, which I just heard about literally 20 minutes ago... but it appears that Solaris Books has just inked a deal with Pyr to release a mass-market paperback edition of "Infoquake."
  7. “MultiReal”: It’s Done  • 
    The photo you see here is the completed manuscript of my second novel, MultiReal, the sequel to Infoquake. It’s been somewhere around three years in the making, and now it’s done. The book measures 477 pages, or about 148,000 words (including appendices). There are 6 sections, 45 chapters, and 8 appendices. The opening epigraph comes […]
  8. OpenOffice: One Strike and You’re Out?  • 
    You want to know why people use Microsoft products? I present to you Exhibit A. The new Sony laptop I’ve been bragging about came without a licensed version of Microsoft Word. Sony included a trial version of Office 2007 Student and Home and a copy of Microsoft Works. So I figured I’d give OpenOffice another […]