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  1. Take Control of Your Information! (Part 1)  • 
    I started a post last week about the future of web content, and the problems of content distribution in web 2.0, and why we should all adopt open standards to structure everything we write on the Internet. The piece got much too long, so I split it into three parts. Here’s part 1. *** Remember […]
  2. Free Tech Tools Worth Blogging About  • 
    It’s phenomenal how much free software is out there on the web for the taking. I, for one, definitely take it for granted. Back in the days of taping LP records onto 90-minute cassette tapes, I used to pine for a computerized music library. Now I’ve got a computerized music library that I built for […]
  3. On Jewish Werewolves  • 
    The great 20th century novelist Bernard Malamud once said, “If you ever forget you’re a Jew, a Gentile will remind you.” Perhaps we can add to that what I’m going to call Edelman’s Corollary: “If you ever forget Bernard Malamud’s statement, a Jew will remind you.” Way back in January, I posted on this blog […]
  4. What the WordPress Needs Now  • 
    I haven’t always been kind to open-source software (read exhibits A and B), but sometimes you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. WordPress — whose version 2.2.2 powers this blog, as of this writing — is a remarkably polished CMS with an extended community that rivals that of Mozilla Firefox. Me likey WordPress. […]
  5. Have You Seen This (White) Woman?  • 
    I was browsing on Fox News’ website earlier today and noticed a story about a missing woman named Camille Cleverley. Apparently this woman, a 22-year-old white student from Brigham Young University, disappeared last Thursday with her bike and hasn’t been seen since. Stories of missing pretty young white women are such a regular occurrence on […]
  6. Hugo and Campbell Runnerupdom  • 
    I see this afternoon via Peter Watts’ blog that the 2007 Hugo and Campbell Award winners have been announced. Looks like Vernor Vinge took the prize for his Rainbows End and Naomi Novik took home the Campbell. I’m also inordinately pleased that fellow Pyr author Ian McDonald took home a Hugo for Best Novelette. The […]