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  1. New “Infoquake” Reviews and PhilCon Appearance  • 
    Here are links to a few recent reviews of "Infoquake," as well as my upcoming PhilCon schedule.
  2. World Fantasy Convention 2007, Days 3-4  • 
    Alas, all the late night boozin' and schmoozin' has caught up with me. I'm sick. As a dog is sick, so I, too, am sick. So I will complete my report here of the goings-on at World Fantasy by summarizing the last two days of the con.
  3. World Fantasy Convention 2007, Day 2  • 
    The organizers of WFC 2007 are rat bastards who deserve to be strung up by their own intestines. Why? Because they handed out free boxes of concentrated Seduction to everyone attending the con, in the form of Freihofer’s chocolate chip cookies. You’ve heard it said that human beings are merely an efficient transportation system for […]
  4. World Fantasy Convention 2007, Day 1  • 
    Dear Diary, Yesterday at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, I had drinks with, caught up with, or otherwise hung out with Chris Roberson, Lou Anders, George Mann, John Picacio, Paul Cornell, Deanna Hoak, John Joseph Adams, Douglas Cohen, Allison Baker, David J. Williams, Tom Doyle, and Raani Graff. I rubbed elbows and said […]