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  1. Building the Perfect User Interface (Part 2)  • 
    (Read Building the Perfect User Interface, Part 1.) In my first ramble about user interface, I used the toaster as an example of something that is erroneously thought to have a perfect user interface. Perhaps a more apropos example for most techies is the Internet search engine. Think of any piece of information you’d like […]
  2. Building the Perfect User Interface (Part 1)  • 
    When I set out to create the world for my Jump 225 Trilogy, as I’ve written elsewhere, I started with a few technological principles: Imagine that we have virtually inexhaustible sources of energy. Imagine that we have virtually unlimited computing power. Imagine that enough time has passed to allow the scientists to adequately take advantage […]
  3. On DeepGenre: How to Write a Novel (Part 2)  • 
    This morning on DeepGenre, I’ve posted part 2 of my article on How to Write a Novel. (In case you missed it, here’s part 1.) This time I tackle how to get from your finished first draft to the final product. Excerpts: Step 10: Get your first readers’ feedback, and listen to it. This is […]
  4. Robert J. Sawyer Praises “MultiReal”  • 
    I knew that attending the 2007 World Fantasy Convention would be a good idea for my career, I just didn’t know why. You always hear a lot of jabber about how networking is so important, it’s always good to have friends, blah blah blah — but you rarely get any concrete examples. Well, here’s a […]
  5. On DeepGenre: How to Write a Novel (Part 1)  • 
    This morning on DeepGenre, I’ve posted a step-by-step guide to writing a novel. Or, at least, it’s a step-by-step guide to how I write a novel. Because every novelist who also blogs has to write at least one of these posts in their lifetime. Really, it’s in the union regulations. Excerpts: Step 2: Noodle around […]
  6. Anthony Williams for President  • 
    It’s unlike me to settle on a candidate for President so early in the primary season, but I’ve made my choice. It’s this guy. Those of you outside the Washington, DC area may not know who Anthony Williams is, and you might be confused by the fact that he doesn’t appear on the ballot in […]
  7. Who Should You Nominate for the 2008 Campbell Award?  • 
    Well, it’s that time of year again… time to make your nominations for the Hugo and Campbell Awards in preparation for this year’s WorldCon. Here’s the link to the official Hugo Award Voting site, where you can download the ballot. I’m absolutely loathe to do this, considering that I scrupulously try to avoid any hint […]