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  1. Read Chapters 1-5 of “MultiReal” in the Pyr Sampler  • 
    Interested in reading chapters 1-5 of my new novel MultiReal, a good three and a half months before the book’s in stores? Now’s your chance. Pyr has just released a 326-page sampler (PDF, 3.5 MB) of its upcoming titles for the spring and summer, and the first 45 pages or so of MultiReal are in […]
  2. Wikipedia Page and Guardian Review  • 
    Two nice pieces of recognition to go along with my Campbell nomination… From the old media side of things, the renowned U.K. newspaper The Guardian reviewed The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2, and gave a nice little shout out to my story “Mathralon.” It’s a capsule review, but I’m told it was […]
  3. More on the Campbell Nomination  • 
    As my previous coupla-sentence blog post sorta indicated, I’m hella pleased to be nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New SF/F Writer. In case you’re stumbling across my blog for the first time, um, hey there. I’m the author of Infoquake and the soon-to-be-released MultiReal. But wait! Before you click on either of those […]
  4. Campbell Award for Best New SF/F Writer Nomination  • 
    Lookit me! I got nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New SF/F Writer. More later.
  5. Will the Novel Die?  • 
    I can’t find any current piece of journalism to use as a springboard for asking whether the novel will die. But considering that the question gets asked every 14 seconds somewhere on the blogosphere, I’m not going to worry. Just follow the trail of rent garments and gnashed teeth and you’ll find someone blathering about […]
  6. On SF Signal: Are SF Series a Barrier to New Readers?  • 
    Today on SF Signal, I’ve got a mini-essay on their “Mind Meld” series. The question: are science fiction and fantasy series a hindrance to new readers? Do they leave the casual bookstore browser high and dry because inevitably not all of the books in a series will be available? Quick excerpt from my response: From […]
  7. Gary Gygax: An Appreciation  • 
    You may have heard that E. Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons, lost his final saving throw with the great dungeon master in the sky this morning. Perhaps I should have called this post “Dungeons & Dragons: An Appreciation,” since I really didn’t know Gary Gygax from Elric of Melnibon√©. I don’t think […]
  8. My Introduction to the Reissue of Mervyn Peake’s “Titus Alone”  • 
    Late last year, I was asked to write the introduction to Overlook Press' new edition of Mervyn Peake's "Titus Alone," last novel of the so-called Gormenghast Trilogy. So, with the permission of Overlook Press, I've posted the introduction in its entirety here.