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  1. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist Interview  • 
    Patrick St-Denis has just posted an interview with me on his popular Pat's Fantasy Hotlist blog. Subjects covered include "Infoquake," "MultiReal," Lou Anders and Pyr, my strengths as a storyteller, the John W. Campbell Award, cover art, websites and interactivity with readers, the trend of high-quality British SF, and whether SF will ever get proper literary recognition by snooty academics cowering up in their white towers.
  2. Ten Things Computers Should All Do Flawlessly, But Generally Don’t  • 
    Sometimes I wonder if the computing industry -- all of it, from software to hardware to web services -- really has the right priorities in mind. So here's my list of the things that I hope to hell are working flawlessly in computing technology by 2018.
  3. What Do Authors Want from Reviewers?  • 
    What do authors want from reviews of their work anyway? I can't speak for anybody other than myself on this one, but what I want is very simple.
  4. Denvention Recapitulation  • 
    Highlights of my experiences at WorldCon 2008, aka Denvention 3.
  5. Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dave  • 
    My schedule for this week's WorldCon science fiction convention in Denver, CO.
  6. “MultiReal”: The First Drafts  • 
    I've published online the first drafts of "MultiReal" chapter 1, along with footnotes and commentary about each draft. Instead of posting all thirty-five drafts up on my website, I've chosen to simply post the best or most representative samples of the eight different directions I tried.