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Video Interviews

  • Fast Forward (18:48) (12/08)

    Tom Schaad interviews Dave on the Arlington, VA-based science fiction TV program Fast Forward. Topics covered include MultiReal, technological paradigm shifts, the difficulty of writing the middle book in a trilogy, ethical systems in a post-religious world, and how the Jump 225 Trilogy is all about trying to find balance.
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Audio Interviews

  • Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing (3/13/09)
    Shaun Farrell and Dave discuss whether Natch is the “hero” of Jump 225, why the series is titled Jump 225 in the first place, what is the nature of Natch’s drive to succeed, and why Moonwatcher from 2001 was in a way the first Natch.
  • Hour of the Wolf (2 hours) (8/2/08)
    Jim Freund hosts Dave on the New York radio program Hour of the Wolf, where they discuss the publishing process, science fiction vs. fantasy, and the history of SF — and Dave reads his story “Mathralon” in its entirety.
  • I Should Be Writing Podcast (about 3 minutes) (7/20/08)
    Dave talks to the SF podcast I Should Be Writing about the key to getting published. Part of I Should Be Writing and Adventures in SciFi Publishing’s Keys to Publishing Contest. Segment appears from about 4:50 to 7:36.
  • Jon Armstrong “If You’re Just Joining Us” Interview (20:37) (7/10/08)
    A chat with the author of Grey about the death of the novel, the similarities between Infoquake and Grey, superheroes, how 9/11 changed Infoquake, and the toilets in France and Japan.
  • Dragon Page Interview (about 20 minutes) (12/31/07)
    Evo Terra interviews Dave on New Year’s Eve 2007 for The Dragon Page Cover to Cover #245. The interview runs for about the first 20 minutes of the show.
  • Brief NPR Interview (7:00) (1/7/07)
    Rick Kleffel discusses Infoquake with Dave in a short piece broadcast on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, 1/7/07. Other interviewees include T.C. Boyle, Jeff VanderMeer, Charles Stross, and Amir Aczel.
  • Interview with Rick Kleffel (32:32) (9/11/06)
    Rick and Dave discuss Infoquake at the NPR studios, during a break from WorldCon 2006.

Print Interviews

  • The io9 book club asks me about Infoquake, writing styles and chaiquoke. (5/6/10)
  • io9 talks to me about Geosynchron, businesspeople as supermen, and The Matrix. (4/2/10)
  • DC Speculative Fiction Examiner is told that “I would much rather be ridiculous than boring.” (2/22/10)
  • Grinding to Valhalla talks with Dave about Jump 225, the writing process, gaming, and Yars’ Revenge. (2/22/10)
  • Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate)’s blog readers discuss Infoquake with Dave. (3/4/09)
  • io9‘s Charlie Jane Anders discusses MultiReal and capitalism with Dave. (2/26/09)
  • Post-Weird Thoughts talks to Dave about the influence of Dune and his favorite novels. (12/19/08)
  • Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist asks Dave about his strengths as a storyteller. (8/27/08)
  • SFFWorld‘s Rob Bedford talks with Dave about MultiReal. (7/29/08)
  • LibraryThing hosts an author chat to discuss MultiReal. (7/21/08 to 8/1/08)
  • SCI FI Wire‘s John Joseph Adams talks to Dave about MultiReal. (7/9/08)
  • SFNovelists Interview on Simon Haynes’ (Hal Spacejock) blog. (7/8/08)
  • Jackie Kessler’s Cat and Muse interviews Jara about MultiReal. (6/23/08)
  • SCI FI Wire’s John Joseph Adams quizzes Dave about Infoquake. (12/6/06)
  • SFFWorld’s Rob Bedford talks with Dave about Infoquake. (9/15/06)
  • LiveJournal Talk Show interview with Dean Anderson. Also read parts 2, 3, and 4. (8/3/06)
  • Barnes & Noble Explorations‘ Paul Goat Allen talks with Dave. (8/3/06)
  • Cat Rambo discusses dot-coms and book promotion with Dave on Suite101.com. (7/13/06)
  • John Scalzi (Old Man’s War) talks to Dave about world building and Adam Smith. (6/28/06)