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The Agony Column on “MultiReal”

Just happened to catch the latest Agony Column from the incomparable Rick Kleffel, and he’s chosen to headline today with a brief look at MultiReal. I’m unclear whether Rick has actually read the book yet — it looks like he hasn’t, but I can’t say for sure. But he’s taken the occasion to say some nice things about the Jump 225 trilogy in general:

Edelman’s vision of a corporate future seems ever more relevant as each day goes by and another electronic gadget becomes indispensable — and makes us all just a little (or perhaps a lot) more vulnerable to those who manufacture the damn things. Edelman imagines a future where pervasive technology, the titular “MultiReal” offers great power. But with great power comes great vulnerability…

This is your chance to watch corporate sharks devour one another against the backdrop of a well-conceived futuristic landscape. As the real-world economy circles the Big Swirly, what could be more exciting and relevant than to read about what happens some mumble-hundred years afterwards? Edelman lets readers gaze up the drainpipe.

You may remember that Rick did a full 32-minute audio interview with me the summer Infoquake came out, approximately 30 seconds of which ended up on a NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday feature alongside T.C. Boyle, Charles Stross, Jeff VanderMeer, and Amir Aczel.

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