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“Infoquake” Reviewed on Fast Forward

No, really, seriously. I plan to post more substantial blog posts soon. And have a new redesign. I swear. But in the meantime…

Fast Forward, the local cable TV show devoted to science fiction based in the Washington, DC area, has given Infoquake a glowing review. The review by Colleen Cahill is not posted on the website, but you can read a text transcript of it. Saith the review, in part:

Fast Forward LogoThe far future is often either a place of wonder or disaster in science fiction. There are marvelous views of almost utopias, such as in Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward, to dark visions of humanity’s collapse, as in H. G. Well’s The Time Machine. Between these two extremes is David Louis Edelman’s Infoquake from Pyr Books, presenting a future of fantastic advances but one where humanity could be living on the edge of destruction.

Edelman has created a fascinating world… As interesting as his world is, it is Edelman’s characters that make this book shine… The interactions between Natch, Horvil and Jara (who is both attracted to and disturbed by her boss) are volatile, complex and very, very realistic. It is easy to believe in these people, and even feel like maybe this is a future that is not too far away.

Colleen then concludes with a plug for my upcoming novel MultiReal, which I swear was not motivated by an exchange of cash or sexual favors:

Although this title is not a new release, now is a good time to get a copy, as this is Volume 1 of the Jump 225 trilogy and the next volume, Multireal, will be released this July. It would be good to have a few months to ponder Infoquake before plunging into the next work, as I plan to do this summer, exploring more of this utopian/distopia and enjoying a truly compelling tale.

In case you haven’t heard of Fast Forward before, the website is worth perusing, even if you don’t have access to DC area cable channels. The website contains video interviews with an insane amount of excellent SF writers — think William Gibson, Kim Stanley Robinson, China MiĆ©ville, Ken MacLeod, Gene Wolfe, and Neil Gaiman, and that’s only from the top third of the video archive. (This month’s interview is with the fabulous Catherine Asaro.)

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