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Final Front and Back Cover for “MultiReal”

I’ve been told that MultiReal has finally gone to the printers. I’ve got a PDF of the whole thing, and man, does it look stunning. And if it looks stunning on the screen, I can only imagine how mindblowingly awesome it’s going to be in pulverized wood pulp and ink.

Here’s the final version of the cover, front and back. There’s also a PDF of the cover available for download (623K).

MultiReal Final Cover Front and Back

As a reminder, yes, the cover painting is by the great Stephan Martiniere, who deserves all the accolades you can possibly shower upon him and more.

The copy on the back is nothing you haven’t already seen before, if you’ve visited the MultiReal website. At the top are abbreviated blurbs by Peter Watts, Nick Sagan, and Robert J. Sawyer. (They’re abbreviated because the full versions wouldn’t fit; the full versions will be right inside the front cover.) And the description of the book comes straight from the About page on the website. Cindy, you will be pleased to note that the phrase “the return of enemies old and new” has been changed to “the machinations of enemies old and new,” because as you rightly pointed out, a new enemy can’t exactly return if he wasn’t there in the first place.

The release date of the novel remains July 21, 2008. Since I’m not quite J.K. Rowling, bookstores will likely be stocking the book on the shelves a little ahead of that date.

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  1. Cindy on May 22, 2008 at 10:54 pm  Chain link

    Whew! What a relief that that heinous error was corrected! I presume I will get a share of the royalties. :-)

    The book looks great. Can’t wait until it shows up in my mailbox!!!

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