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The “Geosynchron” Website Is Live

I’ve been telling people that I’m not going to worry about publicizing my upcoming book Geosynchron until 2010. Well, the year has arrived. Let the blitzkrieg begin!

The website for Geosynchron is live at www.geosynchron.net. See screen capture here (and more below the cut).

Geosynchron Website Screen Cap

Not only will you find a spiffy website design that matches those of the first two book sites, you’ll also find:

  • Chapters 1 through 8 in their entirety, or the entire first section of the book (titled “The Prisoners”). Wonder what happened to Quell after he got dragged out of the Revelation Spire by the Defense and Wellness Council? Wonder what happened to Natch after he blacked out on the streets of Old Chicago? Want to know what the “MultiReal-D” code that Petrucio Patel shot Natch with in the Tul Jabbor Complex does? Find out now.
  • An updated glossary that contains all of the terms from all three books. (You might have noticed that the glossaries in the actual books themselves have been trimmed slightly to only include terms pertinent to that particular book.)
  • Three new appendices from Geosynchron: “On the Islanders”, “On the Pharisees” and “On the Autonomous Revolt”. Here you can read about how the Band of Twelve founded the Luddite civilization in the Pacific Islands, the history of the Three Jesuses, details about the Islanders’ Dogmatic Oppositions, and details about the AI revolt that nearly destroyed humanity. One of these appendices contains a spoiler, but you won’t recognize it as such until after you’ve finished Geosynchron.
  • The Afterword to the Trilogy, straight out of the back of Geosynchron. Read about how my politics affected the story, how 9/11 changed everything, regrets I have about the trilogy, and why rejecting Infoquake because the opening chapters are libertarian propaganda is kind of like rejecting Star Wars because the first 20 minutes glorify Darth Vader. (Warning: some spoilers here about what happens at the end of Geosynchron.)
  • A reviews page that right now only features three reviews, and one of those is by Harriet Klausner so it hardly counts. But the page also contains a link to Fantasy Book Critic contributor Liviu Suciu’s review on GoodReads, in which he calls the book “the best mundane SF has to offer.”

Keep your eye on this space for more stuff to come, including details about cons I’ll be attending, interviews I’ll be doing, and giveaways for the complete signed Jump 225 trilogy. Go thou and retweet, blog, spread the word.

Oh yeah, and why not preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s or IndieBound?

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  1. King Rat on January 5, 2010 at 3:37 pm  Chain link

    Man. In some ways I hate that the first review quote of mine used in a book is a negative one, and in other ways I’m pleased. I’ll have to buy a copy now so I can get it signed. Feel free to call me names when I do.

  2. David Louis Edelman on January 5, 2010 at 3:47 pm  Chain link

    I was wondering when you’d see that quote… Hey, no hard feelings on this end. I found it to be quite amusing myself. And I’m always unfailingly polite when I sign people’s books. I look forward to signing yours. :-)

  3. Sandy on January 25, 2010 at 2:37 pm  Chain link

    I pre-ordered “Geosynchron” through amazon (standard shipping), and it says I should receive it between 2/26 and 3/2. I guess I expected that a pre-order would ship in advance so that I would receive it on the release date. Oh well.

    Perfection postponed!

  4. David Louis Edelman on January 26, 2010 at 10:19 am  Chain link

    Sandy: I wouldn’t take that date too seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get the book a couple weeks before that.

    The book, however, you must take seriously. :-)

  5. Sandy on January 29, 2010 at 11:14 am  Chain link

    Hi Dave – You were right! I got this notice from amazon today:

    The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

    David Louis Edelman “Geosynchron (Book Three of the Jump 225 Trilogy)”
    Previous estimated arrival date: February 26 2010 – March 02 2010
    New estimated arrival date: February 04 2010

    I had decided to re-read the first two books and thought I had the timing such that I would finish the second just in time for the third. But I’m only halfway through “Infoquake” at the moment – so I will have to start reading faster!! I am enjoying the re-read and find that I am picking up more details – it’s cool that there are references to “geosynchron” in the first book!

    I promise to take “Geosynchron” very seriously. 😉

    – Sandy

  6. P4p3rDr4g0n on February 24, 2011 at 7:27 am  Chain link

    Interested in these books. Not be translated into Hungarian? Unfortunately we could not find it the most popular bookstore (www.konyv-konyvek.hu). I hope you get the books in this country.

  7. David Louis Edelman on March 7, 2011 at 10:28 am  Chain link

    P4p3rDr4g0n: Unfortunately, I seriously doubt my books are going to be translated into Hungarian anytime soon, if at all.

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