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Harriet Klausner Speeds Through Praise for “MultiReal”

Harriet Klausner, the #1 customer reviewer on Amazon, has given her stamp of approval to MultiReal. Says Klausner in her review on Speculative Fiction Reviews:

Harriet KlausnerMultiReal seems unreal as a mind-altering reality-changing technology. The tool merges biology with the infinitive of quantum physics in a way that no one ever dreamed of before…

Except for Natch, the cast (including his assistant, Jara, and even Lee) seems two-dimensional, yet no one will care as MultiReal continues the fascinating look at the future possibilities of nanotechnological human bio/logics. Natch is still the same ambitious rogue he was in Infoquake, as he will try anything and risk everything to be number one in his field. Other just as unethical executives act likewise as business and political values are actually singular: the end of being numero uno justifies any means, especially if the cost is paid by others.

I haven’t seen it crop up on Amazon yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Of course, if you know anything about Harriet Klausner, you’ll take her word with a 2001 monolith-sized chunk of salt. The woman has published over 16,600 reviews on Amazon at an average of 5.56 reviews per day (according to this Wikipedia article about her). She’s also known for frequently spoiling major plot points and getting major plot details wrong. And, pardon my French, but she can’t write for shit. (I’ve cleaned up the citation above slightly for grammar and style.)

In her review of MultiReal, there are no plot spoilers, thankfully. But Lieutenant Magan Kai Lee has mysteriously changed gender and become a woman. (I suspect she’s confused Lee with his right-hand woman, Rey Gonerev.) She also says that “Natch pleads with the Melbourne legislature to no avail,” which is not quite accurate — though it’s an element of the plot that’s not actually on the back cover, so I’d score that as evidence that she’s actually read the book.

Whatever. A review’s a review, and praise is praise, right?

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  1. Bob Nolin on June 24, 2008 at 11:08 pm  Chain link

    If you’re as old as me (50), you may remember the lady who used to haunt the Steve Allen and Merv Griffin shows. Her name was simply “Mrs. Miller,” and she attended every show without fail. She worked tirelessly to get on camera. According to tvacres.com, “In fact, Mrs. Miller was seen so many times on Television that AFTRA, the television performer’s union forced her to join as a member.” I know it’s not a direct parallel, but I see Harriet as the modern day Mrs. Miller. She’s found her way to fame, God bless her.

  2. Harriet Klausnered on May 17, 2010 at 7:29 am  Chain link

    […] as David Louis Edelman says, a review’s a review, right? But I’d like to know how bloggers feel about this […]

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