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New “Infoquake” and “MultiReal” Audio Podcasts

Well, it took me long enough.

I intended to finish podcasting the first seven chapters of Infoquake about two years ago, when the book was first released in trade paperback. For one reason or another, I only got up to chapter 4. I blame it on the cocaine, or the Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, or perhaps Martians.

Orange microphoneBut I never forget a promise! (I do sometimes ignore them, but that’s not the same thing.) And so, after much distraction and delay, tonight I have finally posted the complete chapters 1 through 7 of Infoquake in audio read by the author. You can listen in MP3 format, you can make Steve Ballmer happy and listen in Windows Media format, or you can make Cory Doctorow happy and listen in open source Ogg Vorbis format.

In fact, I had such a ball finishing up the audio excerpts for Infoquake that I went ahead and recorded chapter 1 of MultiReal in audio as well. I intend to record chapters 2 through 8 of MultiReal soon, so you’ll be able to listen to the full excerpt on your iPod while you jog.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put together some giveaway CDs packed with both podcasts, downloads, and lots of other cool stuff as well. And then the CDs will go into circulation, they’ll get passed all around the country, my books will sell like naked chocolate money, Brad Bird will get a hold of one of my CDs, and he’ll be so enamored of my voice that he’ll cast me as the lead in an upcoming Pixar movie. Hey, it happened to Patton Oswalt, didn’t it?

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