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“Infoquake” Giveaway on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

I may be posting this too late… but I discovered the other day that Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away five copies of the Solaris mass market paperback of Infoquake. Read the entry on the website for more information about how to enter. There’s no information about when the contest ends, so you’d better hustle over there if you’re hoping to win one.

Pat has promised a review of Infoquake in the coming days, but in the meantime he has this to say: “I’m more than halfway through the novel, and it’s a terrific read thus far! Edelman has been nominated for the second time for the John W. Campbell Award, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins it this year.” (Actually, it’s my first nomination for the Best New Writer Campbell, but who’s counting?)

Update 5/22/08: The contest winners have been announced, and the winners hail from Finland, Israel, Canada, Denmark, and Russia.

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