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Jara Learns to Love Her Inner Demon

Sometimes when you’re trying to promote a book, you have to resort to some, uh, unconventional tactics. And so, I gave some of the characters from MultiReal my blessing to go out there and do some personal interviews on their own.

This afternoon, I discovered that Jara, the co-protagonist of Infoquake and MultiReal, has landed an interview on novelist Jackie Kessler‘s website. Jackie, the author of Hell’s Belles, The Road to Hell, and Hotter Than Hell — not to mention a fellow member of SFNovelists.com — has given free rein to a former demon named Jezebel in a section of the website called Cat and Muse. Jezebel proceeded to ask Jara all kinds of questions about MultiReal, the Sigh virtual sex network, the rising cost of apartment rentals, who would play her in a Hollywood movie, and whether David Edelman is the epitome of all evil. (The answer to that last one, at least according to Jara, is no.)

An excerpt:

\'Hotter Than Hell\' by Jackie KesslerJEZ:
Well then, since we’re on the subject, what’s your romantic fantasy?

Honey, why would I need to fantasize? You’ve got access to the Sigh virtual sex network as well as I do.

[BLINKS] Say what?

Hundreds of thousands of channels of specialized programming at your fingertips. You can have any body or any scenario you want. And it’s all virtual, so there’s no messes and no hard feelings…

Personally, I’m a fan of a channel called Doppelganger. It’s easy. You send them a photo or a video of your lust object, and they use their algorithms to track down that person’s look-alikes. There are tens of billions of people in the world hooked up to the Data Sea — chances are that one of them is looking for someone who looks just like you too.


The closer the match, the higher the fee.

Ah, nothing that good is cheap. Trust me.

I’m a little surprised to see Jara open up to some strange former succubus like this. Luckily she seems to have gotten in some good words about MultiReal, and she didn’t castigate me too badly for misrepresenting her character. I was all prepared to have her jump off a cliff in Geosynchron. Oh, wait, she already does, in the very first chapter…

Go visit Jackie Kessler’s website and blog, and go read up on her books Hell’s Belles, The Road to Hell, and Hotter Than Hell on Amazon, damn you.

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