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Library Journal: “Geosynchron” “Takes Cyberpunk to the Next Level”

Wahoo! Library Journal has given Geosynchron a fabulous review in their January 15 issue. Here’s what they had to say, minus the synopsis part which essentially just paraphrases the back cover copy:

Taking cyberpunk to the next level, this conclusion to Edelman’s trilogy (InfoquakeMultiReal) presents a drama of future technology that combines action with psychosocial intrigue. Tension comes as much from the clash of ideas as from physical confrontation. Highly recommended.

I suppose after Rob Sawyer had me resuscitating cyberpunk with defibrillator paddles in hand, it only made sense for me to take cyberpunk up to the next level. Perhaps next I’ll get to take cyberpunk to its room and hook it up to an IV.

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