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Pat on “Infoquake”: “One of the Very Best SF Debuts I Have Ever Read”

Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist (and of the aforeblogged giveaway contest) has given my novel Infoquake the kind of rave review that every author wants to get. I can’t believe nobody paid the guy money for this. (Right? I mean, I didn’t pay him anything…)

Infoquake mass market coverSome excerpts:

David Louis Edelman’s Infoquake just might be one of the very best science fiction debuts I have ever read. The book deserves all the praise it has garnered, and then some! Only rarely will a debut author produce the sort of work which habitually comes from celebrated veterans…

Contrary to a majority of scifi yarns, its the characterization which carries Infoquake forward. Though Natch is a captivating character, the supporting cast is equally interesting, with characters such as Jara, Horvil and Quell. I’m really looking forward to learning more about each of them in the two sequels…

Ambitious, vast in scope, with a deftly executed plot and impeccable prose from start to finish, David Louis Edelman’s Infoquake is a fascinating read. 2006 was one of the best years in memory in terms of impressive speculative fiction debuts. Had I read it when it was originally released, Infoquake would have trumped Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora, Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon, Brian Ruckley’s Winterbirth, and Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself.

He concludes by giving the book a solid 8 out of 10 and then makes a pitch for the imminently arriving sequel MultiReal as well.

“One of the very best science fiction debuts I have ever read”? Hah! Take that, Dune, Ender’s Game, and Neuromancer, not to mention Frankenstein. I’m crashing your party. Let’s hope you’re stocked up on Doritos.

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  1. TK42ONE on May 7, 2008 at 8:00 pm  Chain link

    And thanks to Pat’s review, you’re on the short list. Well, it’s a long short list, but you’re on it.

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