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“Solaris Book of New SF” Reviewed on SF Signal

SF Signal today has posted a review of George Mann‘s anthology The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Two, which you’ll recall contains my story “Mathralon,” which you’ll recall is available online.

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2Overall, John of SF Signal seems to have enjoyed the anthology, though Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius story seems to have dragged the whole thing down for him. Unfortunately, he didn’t particularly care for “Mathralon” either, stating that “the text’s meta-observation… seems to break the editorial representation that was created, leaving it in a no-man’s land between fiction and essay.” Nevertheless, he goes on to say that “Edelman’s prose is otherwise engaging and swift, and the situation that is ultimately outlined (the dangers of putting all your eggs in one basket) is a worthy premise.” He gives the story (and indeed the whole book) 3 stars out of 5.

Oh well. As William Shakespeare said in King Lear (or maybe it was Henry V?), “In such a method doth the cookie crumble.” At least SF Signal hasn’t caught on to George Mann’s nefarious scheme to capitualize on the George Clooney/Steven Soderbergh movie in a desperate attempt to shovel books down the throats of unsuspecting bookstore patrons by putting “Solaris” in the title. So far only this guy seems to have noticed.

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