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Wikipedia Page and Guardian Review

Two nice pieces of recognition to go along with my Campbell nomination…

From the old media side of things, the renowned U.K. newspaper The Guardian reviewed The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2, and gave a nice little shout out to my story “Mathralon.” It’s a capsule review, but I’m told it was very prominently placed in the issue. You can read the review on the Guardian website here, but it’s short enough to post in its entirety (emphasis mine):

Early in 2007 the science-fiction imprint Solaris marked its launch with The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction. A year later, editor George Mann returns with a follow-up, this time featuring strong stories from Kay Kenyon, Michael Moorcock, Mary Robinette Kowal, Eric Brown and others. Highlights include Dan Abnett’s brilliantly deadpan version of humankind’s first encounter with visiting aliens, a mischievous story that defies all established science-fiction convention on the subject. David Louis Edelman’s “Mathralon” is a deliberately dry, unconventionally narrated account of the mining of a rare mineral, a story on a galactic scale which only serves to show what very small worlds we inhabit. You can always rely on Paul Di Filippo to come up with something offbeat in his stories full of charm, quirks and quite breathtaking cleverness. “iCity” is no exception, telling of competitive urban planners vying to win the popular vote and reform entire city districts at the press of a button: in only an hour the cityscape will dissolve and re-emerge to the winning design. Roll on volume three.

And from the world of new media, I finally and at long last have a Wikipedia page. Someone please beef it up to make me look more important and ensure that the WikiVIPdeia don’t take it down. I think I deserve an entry at least as detailed as, say, Portugal’s, don’t you?

(While you’re at it… how is it possible that my friend and Pyr labelmate Kay Kenyon doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of her own? Multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, nominated for the Campbell and Philip K. Dick awards, author of a novel selected as a PW Book of the Year… somebody needs to rectify this.)

(Also while you’re at it… Jon Armstrong is now the only one of this year’s Campbell nominees without a Wikipedia page. He’s a nominee for the Campbell and the Philip K. Dick Award and on the Locus magazine recommended reading list. Go thou forth and createth a page for him, I beseech thee.)

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