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“Infoquake” News: Baltimore/DC Readings Next Week, “Book of the Year” Review

Here’s the latest news on Infoquake:

  • Readings in Baltimore and Northern Virginia Next Week. On Tuesday, September 5, at 7:00 P.M., I will be making an appearance at the Barnes & Noble in White Marsh, MD to promote Infoquake. And on Thursday, September 7, at 7:30 P.M., I’ll be reading and signing at the Barnes & Noble in Reston, VA. If you’re in the area, come along and bring your books for me to sign. Or better yet, buy more!
  • SFFWorld Calls Infoquake “THE Science Fiction Book of the Year.” Rob Bedford of SFFWorld has published the official SFFWorld review of Infoquake, saying: “The manner in which people who experienced Dune upon its publication speak about Herbert’s opus is not dissimilar to the feeling Infoquake elicits — the genre might not be quite the same after this book…. Infoquake is a stunning debut novel by a lucid, precise, and talented new voice in the genre…. This may be THE science fiction book of the year.” Rob goes even further on his blog, calling Infoquake “THE science fiction novel of the year, if not the past five years.”
  • Rave Reviews from Meme Therapy, Fantasy Magazine and Bookgasm. Three more outstanding reviews for Infoquake that make me literally blush:
    • Meme Therapy. The science fiction/technology blog Meme Therapy (which recently interviewed me) published a 4-star review, saying “Infoquake definitely hooks in the reader, and I for one can’t wait to get my grubby wee paws on the second installment.”
    • Fantasy Magazine. The upcoming issue of Fantasy Magazine calls Infoquake “an entertaining and intelligent debut” and states that “the novel also addresses weighty themes: the destructive price of greed, the unchanging relentlessness of the human drive to innovate and to compete.”
    • Bookgasm. Ryun Patterson of Bookgasm said in his rave review: “Infoquake is a triumph of speculation. Edelman has foreseen a nanotech future of warring corporations and stock markets of personal enhancement in which both the good and the bad of the present day are reflected with an even hand and startling clarity…. it’s Wall Street meets Neuromancer.” (Pattersun also praises my publisher, Pyr, saying that “Pyr is quickly becoming the standard by which all other sci-fi imprints are judged.”)
  • Flickr Photos from Infoquake Launch Party and WorldCon. I’ve uploaded a handful of photos to Flickr both of the August 12 Infoquake launch party (featuring the world famous Infocake) and of a few events at the WorldCon Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA this past week. Okay, so Ansel Adams isn’t exactly rising from the dead to praise the artistic quality of these photos, but he’s not spinning in his grave either. (In fact, we kind of like Ansel exactly how he is right now.)
  • Nine Drafts of Infoquake‘s Chapter 1. I recently posted all nine drafts of the first chapter of Infoquake onto my website, with footnotes to comment on the editing process along the way. From the blog: “Now the point of posting these drafts is not to dazzle everyone with how wise and witty I’ve become. (Although if anyone is dazzled, I’m enough of an egomaniac to take it, no questions asked.) The point is that I thought writing neophytes might be interested in a behind-the-scenes look at what novelists go through in the revision process.”

Believe it or not, there are still more reviews pending, which I’ll link to as I get them. Also in the coming weeks, watch for a full-length audio interview with me (clips of which are supposed to appear on NPR at some point) and another web interview as well.

My most sincere thanks to all those who have lent their support to my efforts to get the word out about Infoquake!

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