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One Year in the Blogosphere

I’m about to hit a nice little landmark that I think is worth sharing: as of tomorrow, I’ve been blogging for exactly one year.

Before I jumped onto the blogwagon, I was really quite skeptical about the entire concept. I had no idea what a trackback was, little clue about Technorati, and unsure why RSS feeds were so darned special. Even worse, I wasn’t quite sure I’d have enough to say to fill a blog (and wasn’t sure if anyone out there would care enough to read it). I simply knew that I had to do something to publicize and promote my book.

So please forgive me if I feel a little self-congratulatory. I feel like this blog has been a big success. If nothing else, it’s given me an excuse to give my writing muscles a workout (as if MultiReal wasn’t doing that already) and put my name in front of tens of thousands of people’s eyeballs.

Some interesting stats:

  • This is my 83rd post.
  • There have been a total of 270 comments on this blog this past year. Not as much discussion as I’d hoped to generate, but then again, my posts tend to be of the “let me stand on my soapbox and blurt shit to you” variety rather than the “let’s all gather around and discuss shit” variety. Maybe I can spark more conversation if I end all my blog posts with the sentence “Discuss.”
  • The ratio of spam comments to real human comments on this blog is somewhere around 12 to 1. (Luckily, the Akismet plug-in shields you all from 99% of the spam.)
  • I’m currently receiving around 45,000 visits per month to my various personal websites. Keep in mind that this figure includes everything under davidlouisedelman.com: my personal website, the Infoquake website, and my John Barth fan site, in addition to this blog. Also keep in mind this figure includes search engine bots and spiders and RSS readers and whatnot.
  • Traffic to my websites has quadrupled over the past year. Look at this chart that I got off my website stats program a few days ago:
    Blog stats graph
    Not so bad, eh? We in the marketing biz like to call that nice smooth upward curve “pretty frickin’ groovy.”
  • The most popular post on this blog is The Day The Empire Strikes Back Changed Everything.
  • The most commented post on this blog is Why Does MySpace Suck So Badly?
  • The Technorati ranking for this blog is 53,887. Frankly, I’m just not sure what this means, or if it means much of anything. I will note, however, that when John Scalzi listed the Top 50 Personal Blogs in SF/F on July 6, I barely inched into the list at number 50 with a ranking of 149,618. So apparently this blog has climbed 96,000 slots in five months, which I presume has to be a good thing.
  • I also cross-post the entries from this blog to my LiveJournal, my MySpace blog, and the SFNovelists group blog. And I post the Infoquake-related stuff to my Amazon blog too. Oh, there’s also the occasional cross-post from the DeepGenre group blog I belong to.

I’ve been trying to keep my favorite posts listed in the sidebar on the WordPress blog, but here are a few others that have fallen through the cracks:

So thanks, dear reader/browser/anonymous data bot, for helping make this blog a success. I appreciate every last mother-lovin’ one of ya.

Oh yeah, and lest I forget the purpose that I started this blog for in the first place: buy my book.


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  1. Armchair Anarchist on November 13, 2006 at 4:13 pm  Chain link

    Happy bloggerversary, old chap!

    Wow; I’m coming up for my “year in the ‘sphere” anniversary, too. Likewise, I jumped in as an absolute nobody and had to learn the T’rati/RSS/SEO/FTW stuff through osmosis, and had a domain change (Blogger to private, keeping the old content) about eight months ago. Interesting things to note in contrast to your points:

    – I have a lot more posts than you (579), but that’s because I started as a lame BoingBoing clone pitching at my mates from local forums. The first six months of content are, frankly, shite – but I’ve left them because I don’t believe in sweeping stuff under the carpet. You actually have decent content all through though, and better things to do than spin out rubbish on your website, unlike a certain someone …

    – 383 comments, and Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma has caught 6474 spams since being installed, so similar ratio there. However most of my comments (esp. the early ones) are, like the content they accompany, guff.

    – The *really* interesting thing, to my mind at least: at my current domain, I’ve gone from a few hundred visitors a month (February) to over 4,000 (November) – most of whom don’t hang around, sadly, but a few do. I now have around 85 regular RSS readers, up from a starting figure of six back in May when counting began. Not a patch on your figures … but my T’rati ranking is just a shade above 30,000. How the hell does that work? I figure it means you get a lot of visitors who aren’t ‘into’ blogs as such, but come for your content and who you are, and I get my visits from being an active (if uninspiring) part of the network. Your thoughts?

  2. Kate Elliott on November 13, 2006 at 5:29 pm  Chain link

    The first post of yours I read was the one on Bruce Springsteen’s “Meeting at the River.” I liked it so much (it’s not often I find people who can write intelligently and interestingly with neither condecension or apology about popular-music songs) that I kept coming back for more.

  3. David Louis Edelman on November 13, 2006 at 6:24 pm  Chain link

    AA: Well, congrats to you too. Y’know, I meant to actually single you out in this post as being the person who’s probably linked to this blog the most, but, um, I totally forgot. So a hearty thanks to you, Paul!

    Re the Technorati ranking: I think one of the main arbiters of those rankings is the number of inbound links you’ve got from other sites. Like with Google, if you get a lot of people to link to your site, it helps tremendously. Some may say disproportionately, but what do they know? :-)

  4. Armchair Anarchist on November 13, 2006 at 6:47 pm  Chain link

    Re the Technorati ranking: I think one of the main arbiters of those rankings is the number of inbound links you’ve got from other sites. Like with Google, if you get a lot of people to link to your site, it helps tremendously. Some may say disproportionately, but what do they know? :-)

    Quite true, and it goes to show that the old line about reciprocal links is a truism. When I started out, I linked every site I read regularly, and got a few back in return. Then every time someone new appeared in my T’rati links, I made a point of linking back. Smacks somewhat of collectivism (which despite my nom de plum I’m no great fan of; I’m more of an individualist) but if it works, it works, right? I’m waiting for the ‘papal nod’ from Scalzi, really – Futurismic was in there, but when I personally make his list, I’ll feel I’ve truly arrived!

    If you’d *really* like to big me up, maybe you’d put me in your sidebar? 😉

  5. Robby Keller on November 13, 2006 at 7:44 pm  Chain link

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  6. David Louis Edelman on November 13, 2006 at 8:24 pm  Chain link

    AA: Damn, I haven’t updated those sidebar links in forever. I’ve stuck you in there. I’ve been trying to keep the list short and sweet, but I might have to expand it out a bit.

    Robby: Glad to have inspired you. Feel free to link anywhere on my blog.

  7. Armchair Anarchist on November 13, 2006 at 8:46 pm  Chain link

    Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman; I raise my hat to you. [raises hat]

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