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Rapid Fire SF Reading in DC Wednesday Night

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, April 11, I’ll have the privilege of reading with a bunch of other science fiction folks in the Washington, DC area. It’ll be held at the Tenley Interim Branch of the DC Public Library at 4200 Wisconsin Avenue at 7:30 p.m as part of their National Poetry Month programming.

(Note that the reading is at 4200 Wisconsin, and not 4450 Wisconsin, which is what the Washington Post printed over the weekend. Darn that liberal media.)

Feast your eyes on this lineup:

In an effort not to overwhelm your delicate synapses, we’re each going to limit our readings to about 4 minutes apiece. I’m planning on reading a short passage from Infoquake which might just blow your synapses all by itself. Ooooooh.

This being a library, there won’t be any formal book sales table (as far as I know). But I will have signed copies of Infoquake on hand for sale if anyone’s so inclined.

See you there.

Update 4/11/07 9:45 PM: Thanks to all those who showed up! A very nice time was had by all, as far as I could tell. Arguably the highlights of the evening were Rosemary Smith’s time traveling paleontology story, Tom Doyle’s animated reading about the world (maybe) coming to an end, and Ben Rosenbaum’s spirited attempt to meld Jane Austen and Terry Pratchett. Someone was taking pictures, but I didn’t quite remember to ask who after the reading was done. If I find any photos, I’ll post ’em here.

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