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  1. The Purpose and Utility of Author Blogging  • 
    In which the author attempts to break his two-month-long silence on his blog by writing a semi-stream-of-conscious piece about his method and philosophy behind blogging.
  2. About the New Website Design  • 
    You might notice something different. Yes, it's that new website that I've been mentioning for months and months now. I actually started soliciting feedback on the DeepGenre blog way back in December. And now you can see the results here. You might also want to take the opportunity to poke around the redesigned "Infoquake" and "MultiReal" websites.
  3. The Website, It Is A-Changin’  • 
    See? I told you I was working on a new design. But don’t get too excited yet. There’s still a lot of stuff broken, so keep that in mind if you start clicking around. Hopefully I’ll have everything fixed soon, and then I’ll be back to tell you allllll about it.
  4. Switching ISPs  • 
    I've switched ISPs. Which means I've moved the whole blog (not to mention my personal website, my Infoquake website, my John Barth website, and my wife's website) over to new servers. Things might be rocky for a few days until all the redirects are ironed out.