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  1. Will the Novel Die?  • 
    I can’t find any current piece of journalism to use as a springboard for asking whether the novel will die. But considering that the question gets asked every 14 seconds somewhere on the blogosphere, I’m not going to worry. Just follow the trail of rent garments and gnashed teeth and you’ll find someone blathering about […]
  2. The Bourne Paranoia  • 
    Here are a few things that every American knows. The world is a vile and dangerous place. America is blindly and irrationally hated by just about everybody outside of our borders. If we left our security up to the peaceniks, bureaucrats, and Boy Scouts we elect to national office, the United States would be a […]
  3. Introductory Science Fiction Books for Literary Readers  • 
    In my post a while back about bad Infoquake reviews, I mentioned how I’ve given William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Frank Herbert’s Dune to a few friends as a way to introduce them to quality science fiction, only to hear later that these friends didn’t care for them. Some of the commenters in the aforementioned blog […]
  4. How I Promoted My Book  • 
    (Update 12/1: Read How I Promoted My Book, Part 2.) It’s now been about five months since Pyr published my first novel Infoquake. It seems as good a time as any to sit back and take stock of my promotional efforts. What worked, what didn’t work, what should I have done more of, what should […]
  5. The Day “The Empire Strikes Back” Changed Everything  • 
    Saturday, May 24, 1980. It’s a sunny morning in Orange County, California. Jimmy Carter is president of the United States, Mount St. Helens has just erupted, Richard Pryor will be setting himself on fire any day now. The Iranians have taken a number of Americans hostage in Tehran. Lots of people seem to be singing […]