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  1. The Ending of “Geosynchron”  • 
    Since I've received a number of comments and emails asking me about the ending of "Geosynchron," I've decided to open up about it and discuss it here.
  2. “Geosynchron” Is Here. Officially.  • 
    "Geosynchron" is here, at long last. Here are the latest reviews, news, links on where to buy, interviews and information about how you can win a signed copy of each book in the trilogy on Goodreads.
  3. Library Journal: “Geosynchron” “Takes Cyberpunk to the Next Level”  • 
    Library Journal has given "Geosynchron" a fabulous review in their January 15 issue, saying that the book "tak[es] cyberpunk to the next level" and stating that it's "highly recommended."
  4. The “Geosynchron” Website Is Live  • 
    The website for "Geosynchron" is live at www.geosynchron.net! Go to the website to read chapters 1-8, additional appendices from the book, an Afterword to the Jump 225 trilogy, and more.
  5. The Final Cover for “Geosynchron”  • 
    Here it is, the complete and final front and back cover for Geosynchron. Art, of course, by the peerless Stephan Martiniere, cover design by Prometheus' Jacqueline Cooke, back cover copy by Yours Truly.
  6. Publishers Weekly: “Geosynchron” Is “Gritty”, “Accessible and Satisfying”  • 
    Publishers Weekly leads off its science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews this morning with the first published review of "Geosynchron." Overall, it's a very nice review indeed.
  7. Capclave Schedule (Including the First Public Reading from “Geosynchron”)  • 
    This weekend, I'll be at the Capclave convention in Rockville, MD. Here's my schedule, including the first public reading from my upcoming novel "Geosynchron."
  8. A Preview of “Geosynchron”  • 
    Here are some of the things you can expect from "Geosynchron," the concluding volume of the Jump 225 trilogy, when it hits the stores in late February of 2010.
  9. “Geosynchron” Cover Art and Synopsis  • 
    My editor Lou Anders has posted on the Pyr blog the cover art and synopsis for "Geosynchron," the last book in my Jump 225 Trilogy. Here, without further ado, it is.