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On DeepGenre: What Works on an Author Website?

Today on DeepGenre, I’ve posted a little article asking for reader and book-buyer feedback on author websites, in particular SF author websites. Quick excerpt:

So my question today is this: what do you find useful on an author’s website? I think we can all agree that excerpts help, and at the very least, having a blog doesn’t hurt. But what about the rest? Do you read additional material like chapter annotations, deleted scenes, and first drafts? Do you actually refer to online glossaries and the like? Does this stuff make you more likely to buy the author’s work? (And when you do buy her work, do you appreciate having lots of links to bookstores that carry it?)

Go ahead and join the discussion if you get a chance. Your input will be invaluable when it comes time to post the new websites for Infoquake and MultiReal. Really, people, I’m doing this all for you.

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