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Free Fiction

If you’re interested in sampling my work for free, here’s the place to start. Unfortunately, no full-length novels for free yet, but keep checking back here — you never know.

Novel Samples

Short Stories

  • “Mathralon” (2008) “A story on a galactic scale which only serves to show what very small worlds we inhabit.” — The Guardian. My contribution to The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2.
  • “The Bus Ride” (1995) A non-SF short story published in Urban Desires way back in 1995. My only published fiction credit prior to Infoquake.

Also of Interest…

  • Introduction to the Overlook Press Edition of Mervyn Peake’s Titus Alone (2008) I was asked to write the introduction to the third and final book in Peake’s classic Gormenghast Trilogy for a new edition by Overlook Press. Answers the question: was Mervyn Peake switching gears, or was he losing marbles?
  • Best of the BlogMy favorite pieces from my blog, where I discuss fiction, science fiction, writing, publishing, politics, technology, web design, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Like The Empire Strikes Back.