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Infoquake News: More Interviews, Appearances, Forums

My novel Infoquake continues to gather momentum and make news. Here’s the latest:

  • Infoquake by David Louis EdelmanB&N Rave Review and Interview Now Online. Paul Goat Allen’s rave review of Infoquake (where he calls the book “one of the most impressive SF debuts to come along in years” and the author “the love child of Donald Trump and Vernor Vinge”) is now online at Barnes & Noble Explorations. Paul also conducted an in-depth interview with me about the relationship between fiefcorps and dot-coms, whether Infoquake is a cautionary tale, and what’s at stake in the next two books in the Jump 225 Trilogy. My favorite quote from the interview: “There’s a part of Infoquake that’s a cautionary tale, but I’ve been very careful not to go too far down that road. The book isn’t a polemic. Like with the character of Natch, there are things to both admire and fear about the future I’ve come up with.”
  • Infoquake Discussion Forums Now Open on Yahoo! Groups. Online discussion forums for Infoquake (and anything else I’ve written) are now open on Yahoo! Groups. Post questions for the author, discuss Infoquake, or just talk amongst yourselves. The group is moderated by the author, but there’s no filter; as long as you’re not trying to pitch Cialis tablets or online gambling, your views (critical or otherwise) are welcome!
  • Rave Review for Infoquake by Amazon’s #1 Reviewer. Harriet Klausner, Amazon’s #1 ranked customer reviewer, gave a rave 5-star review to Infoquake. “The reason this futuristic science fiction seems plausible is the depth of detail interwoven into the cat-and-mouse story line, so much so that the audience will accept nano-technology bio/logics as happening today…. In the first Jump 225 tale, David Louis Edelman writes an exciting thriller that grips the audience.” (Harriet’s reviews appear all over the web, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Alternative Worlds.)
  • Appearances and Readings Scheduled. I’m starting to book in-person readings and appearances to promote Infoquake. Here are a few places you’ll be able to find me:
    • August 23-27: WorldCon in Anaheim, CA
    • September 1-4: Dragon-Con in Atlanta, GA
    • September 5: Reading and signing at Barnes & Noble in Baltimore, MD (time TBD)
    • September 7: Reading and signing at Barnes & Noble in Reston, VA at 7:30 P.M.
    • October 20-22: CapClave in Silver Spring, MD

Coming soon: another in-depth interview on LiveJournal, more appearances, and more online content.

Meanwhile, have you reviewed Infoquake on Amazon.com yet? Well, why not? (Okay, I’m not going to be that much of a self-publicity fiend to give you guilt trips for not posting online reviews.) (But seriously, why not?)

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