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“Infoquake” Now Shipping

Infoquake by David Louis EdelmanI’ve gotten word from friends and family that Amazon is already shipping their copies of Infoquake, even though the publication date is not until July 11. Some people have already received their copies.

I’m going to write a longer “introduction” to the book over the next week. But in the meantime, check out the Infoquake website (which contains, among other things, the first five chapters of the book, several audio podcasts, all of the book’s appendices, and a few exclusive background articles that don’t appear in the book as well). You might also want to browse through the Infoquake section on this blog.

Last, but definitely not least, John Scalzi published an interview with me this morning on his “By the Way” blog. Yes, that John Scalzi, author of the Hugo and Campbell Award nominee Old Man’s War, as well as The Ghost Brigades. The interview delves into the inspiration for the book, the pitfalls of worldbuilding, what bears have to do with business, and how good a job Adam Smith did at predicting the future. It’s linked from his popular “Whatever” blog as well.

I haven’t seen Infoquake in any actual brick-and-mortar bookstores yet. If you find it, snap a picture with your camera phone and send it to me so I can post it here!

Update 7/4/06: Infoquake has indeed been spotted at Books-a-Million stores (and is available from BAM online). One source in Southern California said the local Borders told her the book wouldn’t be on the shelves there until July 28.

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