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Infoquake Book CoverThe infoquake is coming!

The (semi-)official North American release date for Infoquake is July 11, 2006 — yes, that July 11, less than a month away. Pre-orders are available on Amazon.com, Booksense, and Barnes & Noble.

More news:

  • Chapter 5 and New Exclusive Article on Orbital Colonies Online
    Chapter 5 of Infoquake has been posted online, with two new original illustrations by Josef K. Foley. Also new online is the background article on orbital colonies, including a list of major settlements and a brief history of offworld colonization.
  • New Joint Blog with Kate Elliott, Katharine Kerr and More
    I have been fortunate enough to join a new group blog by fantasy novelists Kate Elliott (Crown of Stars and the Novels of the Jaran), Katharine Kerr (Dragonspell, the Deverry novels), and several others. The blog, called DeepGenre, debuts today. As the sole male presence on the blog at the moment, I plan to focus on spittoons, alligator wrestling, 1001 things you can do with pork products, and tips for growing a long and manly mustache.(My plan at the moment is to keep the content on the DeepGenre blog distinct from the content on this blog. So continue to keep your eyes here for news about me and my book, as well as my musings and ramblings.)
  • Agony Column: Infoquake “Particularly Sharp and On-Point”
    The Agony Column reviews and discusses Infoquake, saying: “Edelman, [Cory] Doctorow and [Charles] Stross are, like all great science fiction writers, not really writing about the future. They’re responding to the present…. Edelman’s vision in this regard is particularly sharp and particularly on-point. There’s a certain amount of satire going on here, but Edelman is quite serious about his world, which makes it all the easier to invest in his characters and settings.”
  • Monsters & Critics Praises Infoquake
    Sandy Amazeen has this to say in her review of Infoquake: “An intense futuristic tale of business, intrigue, revenge and technology…. This has the potential to be a terrific series filled with innovative concepts and enough double-dealing to keep the reader guessing.”
  • Upcoming Appearances at Readercon and WorldCon
    I will be attending next month’s Readercon SFF convention in Burlington, Massachusetts from July 7-9, and the 64th annual WorldCon SF Convention in Anaheim, California from August 23-27. Details of where and what I’ll be doing there still TBD.

Lots more news on the way. Look for information about more podcasts, upcoming interviews in the SF press, and an official launch party and reading in the Washington, DC area.

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