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“Infoquake” Full Website Launched

It’s now six months until the publication of my science fiction novel Infoquake. As promised, I’ve revamped the website at www.infoquake.net with lots of new goodies, including:

  • A full three-chapter excerpt from the novel, including original artwork by Josef K. Foley
  • The full glossary and timeline from the book’s appendices
  • Background articles about topics and concepts from the world of the book, including one essay exclusive to the website
  • Suggestions for further reading on the ideas in the novel
  • A little article Pyr asked me to write for publicity purposes on Why I Wrote Infoquake
  • A press area with author photos, book jacket photos and more
  • A full website search
  • For the technically inclined, an RSS feed to help readers keep on top of news about the book

Over the next several months, I am also planning to include on the website:

  • Additional background articles on the world of the novel that will be exclusive to the website
  • MP3 audio recordings of the author (me) reading excerpts of the book
  • Online forums for readers to discuss the book
  • A preview of MultiReal, the second novel in the Jump 225 trilogy
  • Exclusive content for owners of the book, that can be “unlocked” only with a copy of the actual book
  • A kitchen sink (space permitting)

News of all this new content has already hit the blogosphere via my intrepid editor Lou Anders (and damn, did he have nice things to say about the book). From there, word rapidly spread to John Scalzi‘s blog, Tobias Buckell‘s blog, Chris Roberson‘s blog and Cheryl Morgan’s Emerald City blog.

Whew. The ride’s just beginning!

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