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Two New Exclusive Background Articles for “Infoquake”

Some new material this month related to my forthcoming novel Infoquake:

  • New Background Article: On Dartguns and Disruptors
    A discussion about dartguns and multi disruptors and other weaponry mentioned in the novel, as well as a discussion of the effects of the New Warfare Act of 221. Exclusive to the Infoquake website.
  • New Exclusive Background Article: On the Transportation System
    Description of the various modes of transportation used for travel and trade in the novel, including the tube, hoverbirds, OrbiCo, and the underground transfer system. Exclusive to the Infoquake website.

Once again, Infoquake is scheduled for release in July of 2006. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon.com and Booksense, among others.

Next month, I should have information about podcasts, conventions I will be attending to promote the book, and possibly one or two other goodies as well.

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