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“Infoquake” Publishers Weekly Review, Podcasts and More

It’s been a big month for my novel Infoquake. Lots of things happening, and lots more news on the way.

  • Publishers Weekly: Infoquake “Bursting with Invention and Panache”
    The first independent review is in. Publishers Weekly leads off the SF/Fantasy/Horror reviews in its April 24 issue with a rave review for Infoquake: “Slick high-finance melodrama and dizzying technical speculation lift Edelman’s SF debut, the first of a trilogy…. Bursting with invention and panache, this novel will hook readers for the story’s next installment.” Read the full review on my website.
  • Listen to the Podcast, Read by the Author
    Chapter 1 of Infoquake is now available as a podcast read by the author (i.e., me). Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS to get each chapter as it appears, or download audio files from the website in MP3, Ogg Vorbis or Windows Media formats. The first seven chapters of the novel will be published online over the next several months.
  • Author Kate Elliott (Crown of Stars) Praises Infoquake
    Kate Elliott, renowned fantasy author of the Crown of Stars series and the Novels of the Jaran (among others), has this to say about Infoquake: “Inventive and provocative, with a surprisingly emotional kick. Read this book, and then argue about it.”
  • Author Tobias Buckell (Crystal Rain) Praises Infoquake
    Tobias S. Buckell, whose swashbuckling Caribbean-flavored novel Crystal Rain has been getting lots of attention lately, offered this advance praise for Infoquake: “A fascinating glimpse into an all-too-possible future of business, software, wetware, and over-powerful technocrats.”
  • Pre-Order the Book at Barnes & Noble
    In addition to the Amazon.com and Booksense listings online, Infoquake is now available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble. Again, the book should hit the shelves sometime this July.

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