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Pyr Panel and DeepGenre Reading at WorldCon

Pyr at WorldCon flyerAttention, WorldCon attendees: your agenda on Friday afternoon, August 25, at 2:30 p.m. has been set. My editor, Lou Anders, will be holding a panel on the future of the Pyr imprint, and it promises to be a rollicking good time for all.

Feast your eyes on this list of Pyr authors that will be making an appearance at the panel (and make sure to follow the links to their respective websites):

I’m very excited to be on this panel. Chris Roberson and Sean Williams, of course, were kind enough to give advance praise for my novel Infoquake, and Joel Shepherd has given the book some ink on his blog as well. Let’s not forget that Chris, Sean, and Joel all have new works out (Paragaea, The Crooked Letter, and Crossover, respectively) that have the SF critics gobsmacked and thunderstruck with awe.

As for the rest, I’m a big admirer of Picacio’s and Seeley’s work, Ian McDonald’s River of Gods has been getting loads of favorable press lately, Kay Kenyon’s new series sounds fabulous, Alan Dean Foster has written more classic SF books than you can shake a stick at, and Mike Resnick is, well, frickin’ Mike Resnick.

I’m also pleased to announce that the DeepGenre blog I’ve been a part of for several months now will be holding an unofficial DeepGenre group reading on Sunday, August 27 at 10:00 a.m. Authors currently scheduled to make an appearance:

I say this is an “unofficial” reading, because officially it’s Kevin Andrew Murphy‘s reading slot. But Kevin, being the wise, witty, generous team player that he is (and have I mentioned devastatingly handsome?) has volunteered to turn the reading into something of a platform for the DeepGenre blog. So truck on over to Kevin’s website and give him some props, y’hear?

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