David Louis Edelman
'Geosynchron' trade paperback cover

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Geosynchron is available now at a bookstore near you. And if it’s not on the shelf, just about any bookstore in the country should be able to special order it.

Major Chain Bookstores

You can purchase Geosynchron online at any major online book retailer, including:

Amazon (trade paperback)
Amazon Canada (trade paperback)
Amazon UK (trade paperback)
Barnes & Noble (trade paperback)
Books-a-Million (trade paperback)
Borders (trade paperback)
Waterstone’s (trade paperback)

Independent Bookstores

Support an independent bookstore, and purchase Geosynchron online from one of these retailers:

IndieBound (trade paperback)
Mysterious Galaxy (trade paperback)
Powell’s (trade paperback)

Second-Hand Bookstores

No, the author doesn’t mind if you buy the book second-hand — as long as you promise to spread the word if you like it.

Alibris (trade paperback)
eBay (trade paperback)