David Louis Edelman
'Infoquake' mass market paperback cover


On the Autonomous Revolt
A brief history of the thinking machines known as the Autonomous Minds, how the Minds’ revolt led to a devastating worldwide apocalypse, and some theories about the causes of that apocalypse.

On the Science of Bio/Logics
Description of the system of bio/logics as developed by Sheldon Surina, including information about bio/logic programming techniques, the history of the science and future developments in the field.

On the Creeds
Listing of the major and minor creed organizations, a brief history of the origins of creeds, and description of the roles and duties of the Creeds Coalition.

On Dartguns and Disruptors
Description of dartguns and multi disruptors and other weaponry of the Reawakening, as well as a discussion of the effects of the New Warfare Act of 221.

On the Fiefcorp System
About the controversial business entity known as the fiefcorp, including a brief description of its history, a discussion of “carbonization economics,” and notes about ethical problems of fiefcorps.

On Government
Descriptions of the L-PRACGs, the Congress of L-PRACGs, the Prime Committee and the Defense and Wellness Council, as well as a listing of important High Executives of the Council.

On the Islanders
A brief history of the Free Republic of the Pacific Islands, a discussion about Dogmatic Oppositions and details about the Islanders’ skirmishes with the Defense and Wellness Council.

On the Multi Network
Description of the multi network, including the physics of how real and virtual bodies interact, details about gateway zones and multi tiles, and notes about multi usage and computing power.

On the Orbital Colonies
Listing of the major orbital colonies, a brief history of offworld colonization, and information about life in the orbital colonies.

On the Pharisees
An account of how the Three Jesuses led the adherents of the world’s major religions into self-imposed exile in the Pharisee Territories, and a discussion of life in those territories.

On the Sigh
Description of the virtual sexual pleasure network known as the Sigh, including information about the mechanics of the network and its social, ethical, and legal implications.

On the Surinas
An account of the line of scientists, politicians, freethinkers and programmers that began with Sheldon Surina and continues to this day.

On the Transportation System
Description of the various modes of transportation used for travel and trade, including the tube, hoverbirds, OrbiCo, and the underground transfer system.