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Glossary of Terms

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49th Heaven
A decadent orbital colony, known for its loose morality; originally founded by one of the Three Jesuses as a religious retreat.

One of the descriptive components of a program that help the Data Sea sort and catalog information.

Allahu Akbar Emirates
A nation-state that once existed in what is now mostly Pharisee territory. “Allahu Akbar” means “God is great.”

An orbital colony, saved from extinction by High Executive Tul Jabbor.

One of the standard positions in a fiefcorp. Fiefcorp analysts typically focus on areas such as marketing, channeling, finance and product development.

Andra Pradesh
A center of culture on the Indian subcontinent. Home to Creed Surina and the Gandhi University.

An employee of a fiefcorp, under contract to a master. In the traditional fiefcorp structure, apprentices sign a contract for a specific number of years. During their apprenticeship, apprentices receive only room and board as compensation; but at the conclusion of the contract, their shares mature and they receive a large stake in the company and a share of the accumulated profits.

assembly-line programming
Tedious and repetitive bio/logic programming, usually done by large groups of low-skilled laborers.

Autonomous Minds
The sentient supercomputers that rebelled against humanity during the Autonomous Revolt.

Autonomous Revolt
The rebellion of the Autonomous Minds, which caused worldwide destruction and hastened the collapse of the nation-states.

Band of Twelve
The group of dissidents who formed the Islander movement and formed an unconnectible government in Manila.

battle language
Coded communications used by military and intelligence agencies during combat.

A tracking signal that allows one to be located in the multi network.

Big Divide
The era of worldwide depression and chaos following the Autonomous Revolt.

Bio/Logic Engineering Guild
A labor organization and advocacy group for bio/logic engineers.

bio/logic program
A set of logical instructions designed to enhance the human body or mind. Most bio/logic programs act on the body through microscopic machines called OCHREs placed throughout the body at (or before) birth.

bio/logic programming bars
The set of tools bio/logic programmers use to create and modify bio/logic code. Programming bars are categorized with the letters of the Roman alphabet (A to Z), and are largely indistinguishable to the naked eye. They interact with virtual code through holographic extensions that are only visible in MindSpace.

The science of using programming code to extend the capabilities of the human body and mind.

black code
Malicious or harmful programs, usually designed and launched by seditious organizations.

The spiritual leader of a creed. Most creed organizations are spearheaded by one individual bodhisattva. Some creeds are run by an elected body of major and minor bodhisattvas.

Bodhisattva, the
When capitalized, usually refers to the first leader of Creed Objectivv, who originated the title; or his successors, who abandon their names upon confirmation.

Individual who raises start-up money for fiefcorps. Following long tradition, the term is gender-neutral.

A popular tea-flavored beverage.

The process of marketing and selling products, usually to groups rather than individuals.

A businessperson responsible for driving sales to specific markets.

chief solicitor
The head legal officer of the Defense and Wellness Council.

Chill Polly
A dangerous and highly addictive variety of black code.

choice cycle
A single possible “reality” MultiReal can cause to happen. Actually choosing that reality is called “closing the choice cycle.”

A dangerous and highly addictive variety of black code.

A major population center, known in ancient times as San Francisco.

One of the most popular bio/logic programs on the Data Sea, ConfidentialWhisper provides a silent, completely internal communication venue for two or more people.

Congress of L-PRACGs
A representative body composed of most of the L-PRACGs in the solar system. The Speaker of the Congress is one of the most powerful elected officials in government.

Able to link to the Data Sea. Cultures who shun modern technology (like the Islanders and the Pharisees) are said to be “unconnectible,” and refer to the remainder of society as “connectibles.”

connectible coin
A small, disc-shaped device engineered by Margaret Surina that replicates the functionality of the government-issue connectible collars.

connectible collar
The thin copper collar that Islanders and other unconnectibles wear to allow them to see and communicate with multi projections.

core access
The state of complete administrative control over a bio/logic program (as opposed to developer access or user access).

The standard unit of monetary exchange in civilized society.

An organization that promotes a particular ethical belief system. Creeds promulgate many of the same types of moral teachings as the ancient religions, but are generally bereft of religious mythology and iconography.

Creed Bushido
A militaristic creed that was formed around the time of the Autonomous Revolt and based on the ancient Japanese warrior code. Since the Reawakening, the creed has become more focused on asceticism and rigorous discipline.

Creed Conscientious
An environmentally conscious order pledged to preserving the integrity of the Data Sea.

Creed Dao
An order that stresses Daoist principles of harmony with the universe instead of conformance to the dictates of society. A strong repository of Chinese cultural history and tradition.

Creed Élan
One of the more prominent creeds, Creed Élan teaches the value of philanthropy. Its members tend to be wealthy socialites. The creed’s colors are purple and red.

Creed Libertas
A relatively unknown creed focused on libertarian principles that has gained prominence in recent months. The creed’s symbol is the rising sun.

Creed Objectivv
A creed dedicated to the search for and promotion of absolute epistemological truth. Members take an oath to always tell the truth. Its logo is a black-and-white swirl.

Creed Surina
The creed founded in honor of Sheldon Surina after his death. Creed Surina promotes the agenda of “spiritual discovery and mutual enlightenment through technology.” The official colors of the creed are blue and green.

Creed Thassel
A once-common creed of the business class, dedicated to the “virtue of selfishness.” Its symbol is three vertical stripes.

Creeds Coalition
The blanket organization that promotes inter-creed understanding and cooperation.

Data Sea
The sum total of all the communication networks running in the civilized world. Includes such networks as the Jamm and the Sigh.

Defense and Wellness Council
The governmental entity responsible for military, security, and intelligence operations throughout the system. The Council is headed by a single high executive, who is appointed by the Prime Committee. Its officers wear the uniform of the white robe and yellow star.

Democratic American Collective
An ancient nation-state formed after the dissolution of the United States of America.

Weapon that allows attacks on multi projections by disrupting or altering their signals. Often used by the Defense and Wellness Council in conjunction with dartguns.

The urban poor. The term is alternately thought to be derived from “disenfranchised,” “disaffected,” and “disassociated.”

An area fiefcorps use to keep pending projects that are being prepared for launch on the Data Sea.

Dogmatic Opposition
A legal appeal to the Prime Committee to block or nullify a specific technology. Used primarily by the Islanders to maintain a non-technological society.

Dr. Plugenpatch
The network of medical databases and programs that maintains the health of nearly all connectible citizens.

An independent reporter or journalist who writes regular opinion columns to a list of subscribers. Drudges are considered one of the public’s main resources for government accountability.

Defense and Wellness Council Root, rumored to be High Executive Len Borda’s new base of operations. Its location is unknown.

East Texas
One of two former splinter states of New Alamo.

Economic Plunge of the 310s
Period of worldwide collapse and unemployment following the death of Marcus Surina. Widely thought to have been eradicated by massive Defense and Wellness Council spending.

Ecumenical Council
The religious governmental body in New Alamo that was responsible for much of the violence and bloodshed of the Big Divide.

One of the standard positions in a fiefcorp. Engineers are traditionally responsible for the “nuts and bolts” bio/logic programming for a fiefcorp’s products.

Environmental Control Board
The governmental body that controls and regulates the planetary environment, from species preservation and protection to weather control.

A business entity that typically consists of one master and several apprentices. Fiefcorps are usually short-lived, lasting less than a decade. The economics of the fiefcorp business are such that it usually makes better sense to dissolve a fiefcorp and sell its assets every few years.

flexible glass
A strong, glasslike building material that can be very easily stretched and molded, even at room temperature.

“for process’ preservation”
A common phrase roughly translatable as “for Pete’s sake.”

One of the descriptive components of a program that helps the Data Sea sort and catalog information.

Free Republic of the Pacific Islands
The official name of the unconnectible government in the Pacific Islands, with the city of Manila as its seat of government. Its residents are colloquially known as “Islanders.”

A distant and troubled orbital colony in constant danger of collapse from poor engineering and economics.

Gandhi University
The institution of higher learning in Andra Pradesh where Sheldon Surina taught. Each of his descendants has held an honorary chair at the university.

gateway zone
Designated entry point for a multi projection into real space.

Programs that regulate the geophysical and meteorological activity of the Earth. Geosynchrons are categorized as Levels I through V, I being the lowest level (regulation of atomic activity) and V being the highest level (regulation of complex environmental activity).

The political movement that espouses a belief in strong centralized government (though not necessarily the current centralized government).

A semigovernmental memecorp that regulates gravity control among orbital colonies and other outworlders.

high executive
The official that heads the Defense and Wellness Council, appointed by the Prime Committee.

A communal birthing and child-rearing facility for middle- and upper-class children.

Flying vehicle that can travel in air and low orbit. Primarily used for travel over long distances, hauling cargo, and defense.

A dangerous burst of energy in the computational system, thought to be caused by a disproportionate amount of activity at one time or concentrated in one particular area.

A twelve-month rite of passage that many youths from middle- and upper-class backgrounds go through before being considered adults. The initiation consists primarily of depriving children of modern technology.

A resident of the Pacific Islands, where the governments shun most modern technology.

Islander Tolerance Act
The law that created the Dogmatic Opposition in an attempt to ease relations between connectible and unconnectible cultures.

Jabbor, Tul
The first high executive of the Defense and Wellness Council.

Jamm, the
A network that allows never-ending musical “jam sessions” between musicians all over the world.

The order that was assigned to program and operate the Autonomous Minds. Often blamed for starting the Autonomous Revolt, although the extent of their complicity in the revolt will never fully be known.

To officially release a product onto the Data Sea for public consumption.

A political philosophy that believes in decentralized government run principally by the L-PRACGs.

lieutenant executive
One of several second-in-command officers in the Defense and Wellness Council. Nominated by the high executive and officially appointed by the Prime Committee.

Local Political Representative Association of Civic Groups, the basic unit of government throughout the civilized world. Pronounced “ELL prag.”

Lunar tycoons
Class of investors who grew massively wealthy through early speculation on moon real estate. Nowadays the term mostly refers to their moneyed descendants.

One of the positions in a fiefcorp. The master is the person who forms the fiefcorp, and has full authority in all business decisions. Masters take on apprentices who then work to earn full shares in the fiefcorp after a specific contractual period.

Meme Cooperative
The governmental entity that regulates business between fiefcorps. Largely perceived as an ineffectual watchdog organization.

A business entity whose membership subscribes to a particular set of ideas (“memes”). Frequently relies on public or private funding, as opposed to the fiefcorp, which relies solely on the free market.

The virtual programming “desktop” provided by a workbench for programming. It is only in MindSpace that the extensions to bio/logic programming bars can be used to manipulate bio/logic code.

Muhammad, Jesus Elijah
Last of the “Three Jesuses.” Founded the colony of 49th Heaven as a spiritual retreat.

To project a virtual body onto the multi network. Can be used as a verb or an adjective.

multi connection
The state of existing virtually on the multi network. When the user returns to his or her physical body, they have “cut their multi connection.”

multi network
The system of bots and programs that allows people to virtually interact with one another almost anywhere in the world and on most orbital colonies.

multi projection
A virtual body that exists only through neural manipulation by the multi network. Real bodies can interact with virtual bodies in ways that are almost identical to actual physical interaction.

A revolutionary new technology owned by the Surina/Natch MultiReal Fiefcorp and also licensed to the Patel Brothers Fiefcorp. Surina/Natch’s MultiReal product is being branded as “Possibilities,” while the Patel Brothers’ is being branded as “SafeShores.”

The few seconds of mental “blankness” that occurs when switching (or cutting) multi connections.

An ancient political entity, bounded by geography and ruled over by a centralized government or governments. Superseded by the rise of L-PRACGs.

neural programmer
A bio/logics specialist who concentrates on the programming of the human brain.

New Alamo
An ancient nation-state formed after the dissolution of the United States of America. Included many of the USA’s southwestern states and portions of Mexico as well. Became a dominant and terrorizing world power during the Big Divide.

A popular beverage full of concentrated natural stimulants, usually served hot.

Nova Ceti
An orbital colony.

Null Current
Poetic term for death. The term is of uncertain vintage but is thought by many to have been coined by Sheldon Surina.

(1) A generic term for any of a number of nanotechnological devices implanted in the human body to maintain health. After the OCHRE Corporation, which pioneered the technology.

(2) The Osterman Company for Human Re-Engineering. Founded by Henry Osterman to pioneer nanotechnology. Dissolved almost 110 years later after a protracted legal battle with the Defense and Wellness Council. Often (redundantly) called “the OCHRE Corporation” to distinguish it from the nanotechnological machines that bear its name.

Slang term for “crazy.”

The quasi-governmental agency that controls the space shipping lines and most interplanetary cargo travel.

orbital colony
A nonterrestrial habitation, sometimes built free-standing in space and sometimes built on existing soil (e.g. asteroids and planetoids). The major orbital colonies are 49th Heaven, Allowell, Furtoid, Nova Ceti, and Patronell, but there are dozens of smaller colonies all over the solar system.

orbital prison
A secure detention facility floating in orbit. Mostly maintained by the Defense and Wellness Council, though there are orbital prisons run by other organizations.

Osterman, Henry
Contemporary of Sheldon Surina and founder of the OCHRE Corporation. A famous iconoclast and recluse who zealously persecuted his enemies. Died under mysterious circumstances in 117.

Padron, Par
High Executive of the Defense and Wellness Council from 153 until his death in Nicknamed “the people’s executive” because of his pro-democratic reforms.

An orbital colony that circles Luna.

“perfection postponed”
A common phrase roughly translatable as “heaven forbid.”

An ultrastrong alloy of steel used frequently in modern architecture. Known for its greenish glow.

Pharisee Territories
Unconnectible lands occupied by the Pharisees.

The disparate groups of fanatics that live around the areas once known as the Middle East. It is believed that several million people still practice many of the ancient religions in these remote places.

Prepared, the
An order whose membership is only open to the elderly and the terminally ill. Its members are given special legal status and access to euthanasia procedures in the Dr. Plugenpatch databases that are otherwise banned.

Prime Committee
The central governing board that runs the affairs of the system. Much like the ancient United Nations, the Committee’s functions are mainly diplomatic and administrative. All of the real power rests with the Defense and Wellness Council and the L-PRACGs. The Committee’s symbol is the black ring.

Primo, Lucco
Founder of the Primo’s bio/logic investment guide and one of the icons of capitalism and libertarianism during the Reawakening.

The bio/logic investment guide that provides a series of ratings for programmers and their products. People all over the world rely on Primo’s ratings as a gauge of reliability in bio/logics.

Principalities of Spiritual Enlightenment
The name given to the Pharisee Territories by its residents.

public directory
A listing of personal information, used throughout the civilized world.

pulse grenade
A nonlethal weapon designed to temporarily blind the enemy.

A popular program that allows the user to schedule sleep and choose different levels of rest. Often used to ration out sleep in small doses and keep the user awake longer.

The period of intellectual renewal and discovery that began with Sheldon Surina’s publication of his seminal paper on bio/logics. Continues to this day.

Revelation Spire
The tallest building constructed since the Autonomous Revolt. Part of the Surina compound in Andra Pradesh.

Routine On Demand. A simple bio/logic program created for a single (often wealthy) individual. Usually pronounced as one word (“rod”).

A virtual environment created by an enclosed room or space. Uses technology similar to the multi system.

shock baton
An electrified bludgeoning weapon, primarily used by the Islanders.

Sigh, the
Virtual network devoted to sensual pleasure. Unlike the multi network, the Sigh does not allow interaction between real and virtual bodies.

Smith, Jesus Joshua
The first and most influential of the Three Jesuses. Led an exodus of faithful Christians and Moslems to the Pharisee Territories.

A form of instantaneous transmission made possible by quantum entanglement.

Surina, Marcus
Descendant of Prengal Surina and the “father of teleportation.” Died in an orbital colony accident at the prime of his life, leaving TeleCo in shambles and prompting the Economic Plunge of the 310s.

Surina, Margaret
Daughter of Marcus Surina and the inventor of MultiReal technology.

Surina, Prengal
Grandson of Sheldon Surina and discoverer of the universal law of physics, which is the cornerstone of all modern computing and engineering.

Surina, Sheldon
The father of bio/logics. Revived the ancient sciences of nanotechnology and paved the way for the drastic improvement of the human race through technology.

Quasi-governmental agency that runs all teleportation services, brought to prominence by Marcus Surina. Now tightly regulated by the Defense and Wellness Council.

The process of instantaneous human transportation over long distances. Technically, matter is not actually “transferred” during a teleportation, but rather telekinetically reconfigured.

Thassel, Kordez
Libertarian philosopher and founder of Creed Thassel.

Three Jesuses
Spiritual leaders who, in three separate movements, led pilgrimages of the religious faithful to found colonies of free religious worship in what are currently known as the Pharisee Territories.

High executive of the Defense and Wellness Council, known for bringing the L-PRACGs under central government control.

“Towards Perfection”
A greeting or farewell, originally derived from a saying of Sheldon Surina’s.

Ancient sheet of pulped wood for writing and printing with ink.

The high-speed trains used in most civilized places on Earth for inter- and intra-city travel. The tube has become ubiquitous because its tracks are extremely cheap to build, easy to lay down, and unobtrusive in appearance.

The memecorp that runs the tube system. Now heavily subsidized by the Prime Committee.

Tul Jabbor Complex
Headquarters of the Prime Committee in Melbourne, named after the building’s architect, the first high executive of the Defense and Wellness Council.

Not able to connect to the resources on the Data Sea. A sometimes derogatory reference to the Islanders and the Pharisees, who shun modern technology.

unconnectible curtain
The dividing line between the modern world and the unconnectible areas of the Pacific Islands where multi projections and certain other technologies are banned.

underground transfer system
The mechanized subterranean network that handles most Terran shipping and cargo transport.

universal law of physics
Scientific principle put forward by Prengal Surina that enables nearly limitless supplies of energy.

Vault, the
The network that makes financial transactions possible. Known for fanatical secrecy and paranoia, the administrators of the Vault pride themselves on never having suffered from a serious break-in. The symbol of the Vault is the double-balanced pyramid.

A flat surface that can receive and display audio and visual transmissions from the Data Sea. Viewscreens are usually used for decoration in addition to entertainment.

An alternative type of tea derived from genetically altered plants.

West Texas
One of two former splinter states of New Alamo.

Witt, Tobi Jae
Famous scientist and pioneer of artificial intelligence from before the Autonomous Revolt. She created the first Autonomous Mind and died a violent death, though her killer was never identified.

A particular type of desk capable of projecting a MindSpace bubble and allowing bio/logic programming.

xpression board
Musical instrument known for its versatility. Users create their own form and structure; thus no two xpression boards are the same.

The first modern orbital colony, financed and constructed by the Chinese. The destruction of Yu by the Autonomous Minds was the event that triggered the cataclysmic Autonomous Revolt.

A high executive of the Council known for her tyranny and cruelty. Frequently referred to as “Zetarysis the Mad.”